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MCGamer Status Update 11/13

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Hello Tributes!

Just wanted to give you an update with some progress here and some areas we will be focusing on for the next week or so!

New Map Weekend!

Tributes we need your help again to pick 2 more #MCSG maps to be re-release this weekend for our Closed Alpha! Here are 4 more popular #Minecraft Survival Games maps to add in by this weekend. Voting will close within 1 day & will add on Friday. Happy voting!
Continued Bug fixes and Anti-Cheat Tweaks/Overhaul

We been working hard on overhauling some of our bug fixes and making some major tweaks to our Anti-Cheat. We been hearing your feedback and appreciate letting us know as we been working on it in the background. Keep an eye on our discord (https://discord.gg/MCGamer) in the #development-changelog channel for future experimental testing as we been working hard making the changes you all been asking for.

VIP Partner Program almost completed


Patch 3.1.2 - 11 November 2019

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Patch 3.1.2 is now available on all stable servers!
This patch introduces several major anti-cheat changes and various tweaks that should improve overall gameplay.
  • Completely broke overhauled anti-cheat.
  • More knockback tweaks.
  • Fixed (some) cases that may have caused lobbies to be a vanilla world in the Survival Games gametype.
  • Fixed players being unable to break (normally breakable) blocks in deathmatch state for the Survival Games gametype.
  • Updated various internal libraries to potentially fix various internal issues relating to our internal API.
  • Updated various internal libraries to potentially fix various internal issues relating to our cross-server communication platform.
Known/Frequently Reported Issues as of 3.1.2
  • We're still investigating an issue that can cause servers to crash under certain conditions.
    • It is likely that this has been resolved with various updates made internally, however, please do...

Patch 3.1.1 - 30 October 2019

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Patch 3.1.1 is now rolling out to all servers at the time of this writing.
This is primarily a bugfix patch, including the following changes:
  • Attempted fix for some worlds not appearing in the voting list
  • Attempted fix for servers getting "stuck" and kicking new players
  • Attempted fix for an issue where forced maps could override other maps, even with 0 votes
  • Fix "gg lol" being filtered as disrespectful
  • Fix an issue where silent join would not work properly
  • Fix an issue where the moderation command /locate would show incorrect ranks
  • Add more debugging information to help diagnose an issue where the lobby world is a randomly generated world
  • Add features for Premium ranks (coming soon!)
  • Xime Anti-Cheat (XAC) fixes and improvements
Known/Frequently Reported Issues as of 3.1.1
  • We're still investigating an issue that can cause servers to crash under certain conditions.
  • We're investigating an issue that can cause wins to...

Patch 3.1: To the Battlegrounds!

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(Okay, but who left me in charge of graphic design?)
G'day tributes,

We're pleased to announce our first major content patch for the MCGamer Network Alpha, Patch 3.1: To the Battlegrounds!
As the name would suggest, the major addition in this patch is the return of our Battlegrounds game type in an alpha state.

If you'd like a refresher on the content of the game, you can click here to see the game's page on our website, or just join a Battlegrounds server on our network today!

How to Join
As servers update across the network, you should be able to join them with the hub compass, or with /join bg (note: this command will not work on hubs/servers that have yet to update). An update to the hub with a Battlegrounds area will be coming soon as well.

Known Issues in Patch 3.1
  • Hub
    • Right-clicking the Battlegrounds icon in the hub teleport menu...

MCGamer Closed Beta Test Information

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MCGamer is excited to announce its launch in a Beta development state (AKA the MCGamer Beta Test). This phase of server testing takes place after the Alpha test and will help us further refine the user experience in preparation for MCGamer’s full release.

The Beta test is expected to begin shortly after the closure of the Alpha testing. For the most up to date information as to the estimated date for the Closed Beta Test, please join our MCGamer Discord at https://discord.gg/MCGamer.

An Important Note about Beta:
Please keep in mind that, just like the Alpha test, this Beta release is meant primarily for testing and bug-fixing purposes, so please keep in mind that your experience may not be representative of the final release.
Furthermore, please note that any serious punishments (notably hacking) that are incurred during the Beta will carry over into the final release. So please do not break the rules, since the punishment may stick...

Please take the time to fill out a survey for future Alpha testing!

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Hello Tributes,

Thank you for the overwhelming support with the recent tweet as we miss you as well! We are indeed involved in early planning to start this community back up due to popular demand. It’s been way too long and we want to bring back the good old days when MCSG® was at it’s prime. We have no ETAs right this second however we need your feedback to help us pick the correct direction we will go with reopening our community. Please note, we are just going to focus for now ONLY on MCSG® as we want to make sure we get this done right. We have ideas for new flavors of the game that may enjoy but will also keep the classic intact for how you remember it back in the day. Minecraft has changed so much where we need to do some work building this up to the latest version. Lastly this website will remain in archive mode while a new site is being created.

More details to come in the coming months but please...

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