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Introducing MCGamer Premium Ranks


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Apr 15, 2012
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mcgamerpremium bar.jpg

Tributes, happy to announce MCGamer Premium accounts are ready to be sold and appreciate your support on giving us the needed funds to finish our development of MCGamer Network with future MCSG development + other game types to return again. Below is the information about the perks you will get as a new MCGamer Premium member:

MCGamer Network Premium Accounts

FeatureDefault RankPremiumPremium+
Name ColorDefault GreenPremium BluePremium Yellow
Premium Name IconNonePremium IconPremium+ Icon
Total Map Votes134
Join Full Servers 2⚪
Fly in Hub⚪
Silent Join⚪
Disguise Lite (Mask)⚪
Scramble Points⚪
Disguise (Full)⚪⚪
Custom Chat Colors⚪⚪
Toggle Legacy Rank 1⚪
DurationUnlimited 30 Days90 Days
1 This command only applies if your account has both an existing Legacy rank and a current Premium or Premium+ rank.

2 You can log into a full server if there is a slot available that is free with a non premium user. You cannot kick out other Premium members, VIPs and any staff.

For information about in-game commands you can use with Premium: https://mcgamer.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/article/4653175

Note if you have a legacy account, you will retain the color of that old rank, 2 map votes and also have the ability to /fly. For more information visit our support for information about legacy ranks: https://mcgamer.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/article/1245248?src=734815978

Coming soon, MCGamer Tokens:


MCGamer Tokens are a future in-game currency to use for features like stat resets and other access to items like MCSG Maker. Details about this will come soon nearing release.

Can I Add Days To my Premium Rank?

Right now we are only selling up to 90 days of premium. Once we are fully released, then we can sell longer term accounts with a discount.

What Should I Do If I Have Any Issues with by Premium Rank?

If you have any issues relating to ranks not being upgraded or expiring prematurely, please visit MCGamer’s Support portal: https://mcgamer.net/support . To ensure that the issue is resolved quickly, please be sure to include your Minecraft account’s name, a description of the issue, and proof of purchase in the initial email.

Why Sell Ranks During Beta before the Full Release?

The simple fact is that developing a Minecraft network of any kind is expensive. Like, really expensive. Especially expensive since we’re essentially starting nearly from scratch like we are.

Here’s an idea of all of the expensive things that had to be done or purchased just to get us to this point in our 2-month old Alpha:
  • Talented development staff had to be hired and continuously paid for their coding efforts.
  • Servers used to host the gamemode had to be purchased and set up for our gametypes.
  • Time and developer expense had to be made to update our MCSG gametype to work on modern Minecraft infrastructure.
  • Our forums had to be repaired and updated to work on modern systems at great time and expense.
  • Staff communication platforms, including a custom Slack and custom MCGamer Google accounts, had to be purchased and paid for regularly in order to ensure effective communication with staff members.
  • Lawyer consultations, paperwork, and references in order to ensure that all of our operations are legally compliant with current laws such as GDPR.
  • Updating the MCSG and MCGamer copywrites with the US Copywrite Office to ensure continued ownership and usage of those names.
Thus far, all of those expenses have been paid by us self funding everything. While this option could be pursued in order to get the network started, it is not viable option to pursue in the long term. As such, selling ranks now is the best move to make in order to fund our network’s development.

MCGamer is stable enough to provide players with a fun and worthwhile experience on our servers, thus we feel that offering premium ranks now is a worthwhile investment for our players to make. While everyone is welcome to play for free, any player can further improve their experience with the purchase of a premium rank.

Why Don’t you Sell Lifetime Ranks Anymore?

When we first introduced Lifetime donor ranks, we did so with the understanding that they would offer a great value to our users: pay once up front, get the perks for the lifetime of the community. But it created a value so good that it wound up hurting us in the long run.

Let’s talk business. The sale of lifetime ranks created a short-term boom in revenue but long-term drought in revenue as well. Despite their higher price, people flocked to purchase lifetime ranks in droves at such a high number that it impacted our overall sales numbers. After months of coasting off of lifetime rank sales, we experienced a dramatic and long-lasting drought in revenue as a result of players no longer needing to purchase ranks again. As the number of lifetime ranks peaked, we had so few people purchasing new ranks that we could no longer cover our month-to-month expenses. This financial strangulation is ultimately one of the major reasons why MCGamer first closed its doors: it was no longer financially viable for us to remain open.

That was a business mistake we are keen on not repeating again. Because of the long-term financial impact that lifetime ranks had on us in the past, we have decided to offer our ranks on a duration basis instead. This is the best way for us to stay afloat financially in the long run.

What About Our Old Premium Ranks? What are Legacy Ranks? Can I Buy Them?

While we are currently introducing the Premium and Premium Plus ranks, we still want to recognize all of the donors who helped us get to where we are today. As such, we created an exclusive class of ranks called Legacy Ranks that can work alongside our premium ranks.

Legacy Ranks are exclusive ranks that are automatically granted to Minecraft accounts that had a lifetime donor rank on our network prior to its closure. These Legacy ranks correspond to the lifetime donor rank that the account had, so there are Legacy ranks corresponding to Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Quantum. An account with a Legacy rank will have the color of its name changed to that exclusive Legacy rank color to make it stand out from the crowd. Do note that Legacy ranks and premium ranks can be used at the same time, so you’re free to pair the advanced functions of Premium Plus with the fancy color of your Legacy rank.

Legacy ranks cannot be purchased from our store; they are an exclusive perk available only to accounts with a Legacy rank. So if you’re a long-time player who wants to stand out from the crowd, feel free to flaunt your exclusive color scheme!

What Colors Are Available for Legacy Ranks?

Legacy ranks correspond to the lifetime donor rank that the account had, so there are Legacy ranks corresponding to Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Quantum. As such, the color your name will be depends on the Legacy rank your account has assigned to it. For example, an account that has a Gold Legacy rank will have its name color changed to Gold, while an account with the Quantum Legacy rank will have its color changed to be Quantum’s bright green.

Want even more colors? Consider upgrading your account with a Premium or Premium Plus rank. Accounts with both a Legacy rank and a premium rank can easily change the name of their color to be the default green color, their Legacy rank color, or their premium account rank color.


Mar 26, 2015
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Chad, give legacy donors perk to mask as tribute please. It is not much, but it will help a lot to prevent targeting in game. Sometimes it feels like it is easier to play as tribute. I understand that server needs money and legacy donors won’t buy new ranks if you will return the disguise to legacy ranks. I only ask an ability to mask as tribute.


May 1, 2015
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I think, there must be disguise feature in legacy ranks features..


Nov 22, 2019
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It is sometimes very difficult to play under your real nickname, I ask you to give the opportunity to enter the /d old ranks or make a new lifetime rank with /d.


Nov 1, 2012
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Oct 2, 2015
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I payed for quantum so why is someone who payed for gold back in the day has the same perks as me that doesn’t make sense I deserve more then them I understand the server needs money but that’s just unfair, I think my rank and plat deserves like /d or /mask or chat colour or anything at all not just /fly and the same perks as lower legacy ranks.
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Jan 24, 2013
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I payed for quantum so why is someone who payed for gold back in the day has the same perks as me that doesn’t make sense I deserve more then them I understand the server needs money but that’s just unfair, I think my rank and plat deserves like /d or /mask or chat colour or anything at all not just /fly and the same perks as lower legacy ranks.
At least give Quantum MCSG Maker perks.


Sep 15, 2012
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This is definitely one of the better decisions made so far in this reopening process. A large majority of the current returning players already have legacy ranks and to give those players full perks completely removes any incentive for them to upgrade ranks. The server needs money, that much should be obvious considering what happened last time.

It may seem unfair that you purchased a "lifetime" rank and that you no longer get the features of that rank, but I think it's safe to say the majority of people got their moneys worth with their old ranks.

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