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Patch 3.1.3 - 14 November 2019


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Oct 15, 2012
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Patch 3.1.3 is now available on all stable servers! Mixing it up with two releases this week. :cool:

This patch introduces several major anti-cheat changes (again) and various tweaks that should improve overall gameplay.
  • Re-overhauled anti-cheat with more hauling and less over.
  • Fixed an issue where games may not have saved.
  • Improved Discord authentication process (moved it into the main network!).
Known/Frequently Reported Issues as of 3.1.3
  • We're investigating an issue that can cause the lobby world to be a randomly generated world.
    • It's possible that some of the changes made may have fixed this scenario, but it is expected that there are still vanilla lobbies being shown periodically. If you encounter this, please report this issue via /bugreport so we may investigate the exact scenario that is causing this issue.
  • We're still tweaking some various aspects of the anti-cheat and do need additional feedback. If you are able to, please provide feedback via this thread (click here) and answer all of the questions appropriately. If we do not have all of the details provided, we will not be able to investigate the issue you're posting.
    • This does include "hit registration," including reach distance, increased speed, and various other XAC checks. We can't fix it if we aren't aware of what's happening when you're having troubles. If you want to see the issue fixed, report it via the above mentioned anti-cheat thread. Otherwise, it won't be fixed because we don't know about how it's happening.
  • We've received reports of looting items triggering the anticheat. This will be loosened up later today (Friday).
  • We've received reports of players having troubles sprinting off of the podium at spawn in PreGame and being stuck momentarily when the game transitions to LiveGame. We're working on a fix and may be able to issue a hotfix for this soon!
Please remember to use /reportbug in-game if you encounter any issues!

May the odds be ever in the bugs! Wait...still not right...
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May 8, 2016
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its cool and all but when are we gonna be able to change our nicknames??

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