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MCGamer Status Update 11/13


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Apr 15, 2012
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Hello Tributes!

Just wanted to give you an update with some progress here and some areas we will be focusing on for the next week or so!

New Map Weekend!

Tributes we need your help again to pick 2 more #MCSG maps to be re-release this weekend for our Closed Alpha! Here are 4 more popular #Minecraft Survival Games maps to add in by this weekend. Voting will close within 1 day & will add on Friday. Happy voting!
Continued Bug fixes and Anti-Cheat Tweaks/Overhaul

We been working hard on overhauling some of our bug fixes and making some major tweaks to our Anti-Cheat. We been hearing your feedback and appreciate letting us know as we been working on it in the background. Keep an eye on our discord (https://discord.gg/MCGamer) in the #development-changelog channel for future experimental testing as we been working hard making the changes you all been asking for.

VIP Partner Program almost completed

We are redoing how we handled the VIP ranks from before and will be announcing details as far as qualifications for the rank. We hope within a few weeks or sooner we will have those details to disclose.

Website improvements, MCGamer Premium + future online Leaderboards!

Lastly, Just another reminder that https://MCGamer.net Is now live and encourage everyone here to join in the discussions on our Forums with our other tributes. We are continually improving the site with feedback and slowly adding back some past functions. Leaderboards are going to be worked on so we can start displaying in-game stats online. We are also exploring additional items to track based on past feedback. We were also asked when our shop will open which we hope very soon close to our Open Beta. For our continued success here and funding future development, we will need members to soon upgrade as so far everything has been self funded by myself. More details as far as perks and features will come out once we are ready to start advertising it after some in-game/website upgrades.

Just another shout out to our devs (subtato , Ava and welcome Rusty!) and the entire staff team for working extremely hard as lots of hours so far have been put into our community. We are all excited to get us to the point where we are fully released as soon as we are ready as this is something we can't rush. Just another reminder, you can join in our Alpha testing today by being a discord member and following these simple steps: https://mcgamer.net/threads/mcgamer-closed-beta-test-information.350804/. Alternatively, you can wait a few weeks for information about our next testing phase. We appreciate everyone's patience as things are starting to come back to life and details about our MCSG Open Beta testing phases will be shared within a few weeks.

Game on tributes and more updates will be coming as progression has been made.
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Nov 19, 2019
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Hey Chad by any chance could you update the discord link? I wanted to talk to some of the staff about getting into Closed Alpha #4, so if you could update the link it would be great ^^.

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