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Where are the leaderboards?

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Oct 15, 2012
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I've deleted them...for good!

No, seriously, we're working on them. As you can probably tell by the website taking a while to be launched after the start of Alpha... we've been busy, and that's not just with MCGamer work! We're working as quick as we can, but for now, you can view the top 100 players in the MCGamer Discord (click here to join!) in the #leaderboards channel.

Who are you?
Some guy who deleted the leaderboards, the website, the whole 9 yards. It was time to rebuild them!...right...?

What am I doing here?
If you've found your way here, you've clicked the "Leaderboards" tab, which is not yet ready. We're working on the leaderboards now and hope to have, at the very least, an overall leaderboards available to everyone soon!

When is it going to be released?
Whenever it's done, of course.

When is that?
I'll throw a potato at you.

How do I join the server?
That's not really... this isn't the place for it, but you can join (for a limited time!) just by joining the Discord and linking your Minecraft account via XimeBot in #bot-playground. You can find more information here (as in...click here). No, not here. To the left...a bit more...
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