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Patch 3.1.4 - 19 November 2019


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Oct 15, 2012
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Patch 3.1.4 is now available on all stable servers!

This patch targets overall gameplay improvements and server stability changes.
  • Fixed: Vanilla Lobby world loading in two cases. This should resolve the problem once and for all (thanks Rusty!)
  • Fixed: Inconsistent spectator behavior across Minecraft versions
  • Fixed: Looting items triggering Anti-Cheat
  • Possibly Fix: Various issues present for users on 1.7.x versions and possibly other versions
  • Possibly Fix: Various Battlegrounds issues
  • Probably Useful: Preparations. Most of them... probably? Yeah. Probably.
  • Anti-Cheat improvements and bug fixes
  • Internal server software updates to improve overall server-side operations, including overall improvements for potential server-side lag
Known/Frequently Reported Issues as of 3.1.4 (we will update this as reports come in)
  • Yes, we're still tweaking some various aspects of the anti-cheat and do need additional feedback. If you are able to, please provide feedback via this thread (click here) and answer ALL of the questions appropriately. If we do not have all of the details provided, we will not be able to investigate the issue you're posting.
    • This does include "hit registration." We can't fix it if we aren't aware of what's happening when you're having troubles. If you want to see the issue fixed, report it via the above mentioned anti-cheat thread. Otherwise, it won't be fixed because we don't know about how it's happening.
  • In 3.1.3, we received reports of users playing Survival Games having troubles sprinting off of the podium due to sprinting in the PreGame phase. Some adjustments have been made in the past week, but it's possible that this is still an issue. If you're experiencing this, please report it so that we can tune and/or find another solution to resolving this matter.
  • Disguise still needs work...
If there is an issue you believe we're aware of and it's not listed above, please let us know in this thread as we don't know about it. This list encompasses the major issues that we're aware of at this time. Any critical issues that are still outstanding and have not been fixed as of this release, please report it (again, if you haven't already) in this thread. Any non-critical items should be reported via /bugreport in-game.

Critical items include, but are not limited to: major gameplay affecting issues, game saving bugs (check #game-stream for your most recent wins), vanilla lobby worlds, anticheat issues (please report above appropriately).

To reiterate: anything that does NOT directly affect gameplay beyond a minor annoyance should be reported via /bugreport for tuning/fixing over time.

Please remember to use /reportbug in-game if you encounter any issues!

Did I mention report critical issues here?

Have fun bug hunting playing before it's broken again!

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