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Patch 3.1: To the Battlegrounds!


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Jan 1, 2013
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(Okay, but who left me in charge of graphic design?)
G'day tributes,

We're pleased to announce our first major content patch for the MCGamer Network Alpha, Patch 3.1: To the Battlegrounds!
As the name would suggest, the major addition in this patch is the return of our Battlegrounds game type in an alpha state.

If you'd like a refresher on the content of the game, you can click here to see the game's page on our website, or just join a Battlegrounds server on our network today!

How to Join
As servers update across the network, you should be able to join them with the hub compass, or with /join bg (note: this command will not work on hubs/servers that have yet to update). An update to the hub with a Battlegrounds area will be coming soon as well.

Known Issues in Patch 3.1
  • Hub
    • Right-clicking the Battlegrounds icon in the hub teleport menu doesn't work.
  • Battlegrounds
    • Battlegrounds does not currently have leaderboards, and as a result, /stats in Battlegrounds will not work. We plan on adding leaderboards for this game at a later date.
  • Survival Games
    • We are aware of a reported issue that existed before this patch that may cause certain maps to win despite having zero votes, and we're looking into a fix.

Other bugs?
Please remember to use /reportbug in-game wherever possible, preferably on the server you're experiencing the bug on, as this gives us detailed information that can potentially help us solve issues faster.

Please remember that the Battlegrounds gametype, like MCGamer as a whole, is currently being released in an alpha state. Things will probably break, but with your help, we can squash the bugs faster!

Thanks for playing, and may the battle be ever in your favour!

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