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The Screenshot Thread.


Apr 30, 2012
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen of MCSG! Welcome to the official, the only,

The Screenshot Thread!

These screenshots have captured several years of MCSG so far, and it's still going strong! From the huge teams of the Blamph's and CyanVolts, to BajanCanadian up to no good to epic trolling and battles and years beyond! Be sure to keep submitting good content, guys!
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02/23/16 edit : I am incredibly ecstatic that this thread is still thriving as hard as it is! I have regained access to my account (from a lost email address) and you shall be seeing me on the battlefield again, folks. Any old school players still around? ;)

For those of you wondering how to upload screenshots, there are 2 ways.

The imgur way!
1. Open up your %appdata%/.minecraft/Screenshots folder.
2. Open up www.imgur.com
3. Drag your desired screenshots onto the imgur page
4. Start upload!
5. Copy the BBCode (message boards & forums link)
6. Paste it onto here and post reply!

The raw upload way!
1. Drag the screenshots you want into an easily accessible folder on your desktop or documents.
2. Hit "reply" to my thread.
3. There are 3 buttons at the bottom left of my chat box, choose "Upload a File"
4. Click (or Cntrl+Click for choosing multiple files) the screenshots you want.
5. Post reply!

start posting!

edit: The most views, the most replies and the most pages in this thread section...
I want to thank each and every single one of you for contributing
You guys rock my socks off.

...one day I will return...

- - - - -

Just messing around as a spectator in map 1's easter egg room. Aggro FTW!

The Pink House chest has some really nice loot sometimes... Damn!

Just me doing a Konga Line with the top 2 players, bigmike4life and hanikhalil. Funny guys!

I trapped The_Arena_Fatty in the boat with 2 cakes and he had to sprint back and forth for 10 minutes to eat it all up. ;)

This... This was a powerful team.

17chris720 died 5 times in a row to this team, and he still came back and trash talked LOL

at some point in time, points were a rarity, and blamph was holding the #1 spot for most points

since Blamph was top spot, of course he needed some rotating meat shields to help protect him!

in an old lobby, we always had pool parties

mike, biffington, Randard1200 and I were the first 4 ever to make our way to the roof of the big burning building on SG4

Remember these 3 amigos?

Some baby old timers in here, zeejayy Rivalize Antster360 urbestpal, muffinbeaner and I

Some shenanigans on the old creative server

Before optifine capes were a thing, zeejayy Antster360 and I were rocking these bad boys

Antster360 and his little brother and I protecting ChadTheDJ

and again on the best deathmatch arena of all time

Self explanatory. LOL

what happened when Blamph entered the lobby... tpemrickjr

Remember when the tier 2 chests had CLOCKS in them? hahahaha


Remember in SG3 when some poor district 12 shmuck would always get the poopstain on spawn? Spiders and other monsters trying to attack them already always made me laugh. graser10cp getting rekt

here's one of MCJackson getting rekt! with me and kricken in the background, photo cred goes to Mike

TheMegaRyan17 hanging on some vines from Hungry Hills.

jefeperro doing his thing in chat!

I was getting chased by a team of 2 stacked people and I had nothing. So this guy comes out of nowhere, gives me everything he has (full leather and a stone sword) and I kill them both. Awesome surprise.

Explosive Bisket/mkilop and Mike decorating the corn when we were still able to

Old leaderboards! Blamph SixZoSeven Antster360 zeejayy

Showing off a beautiful inventory and texture pack

BomBashious and I having a romantic date on the ferris wheel

The Arena Master and I climbing the SG2 skyscraper and posing with cake

A beautiful picture Arena Master took of me on SG2. Credits to him!

Arena master lured me into a bed for some surprise...

An AMAZING screenshot Arena Master took of us

throwback to an old team in early 2014

throwback to me and Snikkz cornering this guy with food slaps

throwback to an epic clan battle picture between Forgotten and Rebels

throwback to my first game of 2014



There was a giant loot pile that this random noob ran past, didn't even notice

me and patrick made it to the top of corn!

Blamph , biffington, randard and I welcoming me back in a lobby Biff and Mike were creating! Photo credits to Randard1200

Mike, PanuterNut and SomeMugger in bed ;) Photo creds to Randard1200

Randard1200 experiencing when you could get Blaze eggs and 420 blaze it on the SG2 corn

zeejayy Rivalize and I in a boat holding hands. Photo creds to Randard1200

This was in the first hour we met Blamph and his crew. Ecmep Randard1200 . Photo creds to randy!

CreepinOnChu and I hanging out in the best deathmatch arena of all time. Photo creds to randard

DOUBLE ZEEJAYYS. WUT. zeejayy Rivalize

Remember when monsters would harass you while you spawn on the podiums in Teweran 2?

Mike and I climbing the library in SG2! photo credits to bigmike

me and crystal

me crystal and randard

The crew made it to the top! Randard1200 photo creds to Mike
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May 4, 2012
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Lol that is funny, i was just about to make such a thread! Let's make this a thing! :)

So today i rediscovered vines and decided to do a few climbs i havent done before. :p

The big tree:

The bank (climbed up on the outside, went back inside):


Bonus. How NOT to report a hacker:

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