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MCGamer Documentary


Sep 25, 2013
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Hi all, I'm a filmmaker who was once a Mod on this server and a part of this community for several years. I'm sure most of you on this forums are not new; you were and are a part of this community too.

I want to tell the story of MCGamer through a 20 minute docu-short. MCGamer was once one of the largest Minecraft servers with thousands of players daily, cultivated a close community of hundreds of players, launched youtuber careers, and its original hunger-game gametype helped launch the Battle Royale gametype. ---That's history, folks. And when this server closes- that's it. There is no tangible takeaway from a digital game. So how do you quantify, or qualify, something that never physically existed? How do you describe MCGamer to people who never experienced it? MCGamer's impact on our lives and on the Battle Royale gametypes., how do we explain this insanity!? lol. I want to interview you all, other staff, and community for this project. To talk about the server, its history, your relationship with it, etc.

If you're interested, please let me know. Add me on discord MeaganRoses#0368 or on insta @meagan_arnold1. And if anyone has contacts to old mods, devs, other staff, or VIPs please let me know. This is something I believe would be really cool to make and I'd love the community's help on this.
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