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Win boosting and its status in the rules

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Jul 1, 2012
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Hello tributes!

"Win boosting" or simply "boosting" is a term used when a player, and a large team go into a game, and let one player win repeatedly. This could be done by teaming the entire game, and having everyone, besides the player who is "boosting" do /kill when they are the last ones remaining, or by other means, such as teaming with people who have installed, and are using hacked clients, or filling empty servers with alternate accounts, and doing /kill on them all to acquire a win. No matter how you do it, any sort of "win boosting" over a span of several games is not allowed on the MCGamer network, and will be punished as necessary.

Keep in mind this does not mean that if you play a game with friends, and they let you win that you will be banned. In order for something to be classified as boosting, it will have taken place over a span of several games, making it very obvious that the intention was to in fact boost up the player's wins in an unfair manner, or if you have played games in empty servers and won a game with no kills, and the game lasted for a very short period of time.

Why is this against the rules? "Boosting" is using unfair means to rank yourself higher on the leaderboards, or to improve statistics. Not only does it give players trying to win by appropriate means a disadvantage when it comes to the leaderboards, but in the case of teaming with people using a hacked client for your advantage you are disadvantaging everyone else in the game for your own gain.

Does this mean teaming is against the rules, or that there is a team size limit? Not at all! There is a huge difference between simply teaming, and using a team to acquire wins in an unfair manner. Teaming is still perfectly allowed as long as that team is not being used for wins. As I mentioned before, even if your friends were to let you win a game occasionally, you will not be punished. Boosting happens over a span of many games, which will most likely not be the case if you are simply playing with your friends.
Thanks to duckluv321 for writing the bulk of this thread for me.


Oct 24, 2012
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Awesome - Thanks for the clarification! Can we report people if we have direct evidence of them doing the "win boosting"?


Jul 25, 2014
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What if someone is boosting with a hacker? I feel that in itself is the intent to boost for solid statistics.
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