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The Love & Hugs Update

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Jan 1, 2013
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Update: April Fool's :)

Hello tributes,

Today, we are proud to present the Love & Hugs Update, an update intended to bring out the best in all of us.

The Love & Hugs Update consists of three distinct parts, all intended to bring out the best in all of us. These parts are the Hub Update, the SG Update, and a MCSG Maker mutator. Features and changes are listed below by each portion of the update.

Hub Update
  • Daylight cycle re-enabled
  • Daylight cycle changed to last about 7.5 seconds, to make sure both the daytime and nighttime fans get their way
  • Reversed jump pad velocity, to encourage everybody to push themselves forward instead of using external aid
  • Falling through the void will now teleport you to the same X/Z position at the top of the map, to avoid the setbacks provided by teleporting to the hub spawn and allow players to conserve velocity when falling
  • Updated sidebar to be more lovely
  • All players will now have half-rainbow names, as we believe in inclusion for everyone
SG Update
  • Passive mobs will now randomly spawn and provide hugs
  • Passive mobs will speak and express their disappointment if you attempt to attack them
  • Workbenches will comment on the item that you crafted when used
  • Chests are now very outgoing, and will speak to you when you close them
  • Enchanting tables will converse or joke around when used
  • Players who don't win will receive a participation trophy at the end of each game, because everyone's a winner
MCSG Maker Mutator: Love & Hugs Mode
  • Removed hunger system
  • Replaced health system with a love meter
  • Removed combat entirely: Attempting to hit any player/mob will now increase your love meter on occasion
  • Removed hit delay, as it's no longer necessary without combat
  • Removed all non-lovely items from chests; attempting to craft a non-lovely item will give you a whole bunch of coal
  • Added a few very lovely items to Tier 2 chests, including a saddle and a carrot on a stick
  • Added ability to place coal blocks
  • Modified several game messages to remove any potential negative connotations
  • The victor of the game is now determined by who has the largest love meter at the end of the game
The features included in the MCSG Maker mutator will not be active in regular SG games. To activate them, you'll have to start (or join) a MCSG Maker game with the "Love and Hugs Mode" mutator enabled.

Stay lovely, my friends! :love:
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