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My issues with MCSG (Make MCSG great again)

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Dec 7, 2014
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-Bring back old NCP / hit detection:
If you've played MCSG in 2014 and compare it to now, you will understand what i'm talking about. Ever since MCSG made the server 1.8 only, the hits have been very strange. Even after they brought back 1.7, the hit detection just doesn't feel the same as it did late 2014. I'm not sure what happened to the NCP but if you "Dev's, Chad" could revert back to how it was back then, i'm sure everyone would be pleased.
Note: This is all my personal opinion on what the most important changes are needed on the MCSG servers

1) This is actually contradicting the OP's post. To be honest I'm pretty happy that the hit detection went from this:
(Go to 8:00)
To this
I mean, I bet you won't feel the same if you get 20ms, but the new hit detection for people 80ms+ is a whole lot better.

Next, the FnS glitch has been here since like early 2014... It hasn't been fixed for nearly 2 years. I'm not sure it'll be fixed forever any time soon.

- Hackers can be patched with a no cheat that disables flying (Like seriously MCSG there's people just gliding around the whole server sometimes)
When Nexus has a better anti-cheat than you, I think we can all agree that it's time to step up the anti-cheat game.

- Relog glitch! Last player to login to a server receives more misplacement and less knockback than all other players in the lobby! C'mon guys, if a Clan Wars server hosted by Techaton can patch it SO CAN YOU!!! Now, I know that fixing the relog glitch would force MCSG to stop 1.8 compatibility.
*Cricket Cricket*
Oh wait! I forgot, nobody cares at all about 1.8 compatibility except for BiboyQG ! Who even plays on 1.8 anyways...
Oh nosers!

- Clans, I feel, are underrepresented in the MCSG Staff. Clan Servers would fix so much in the community. No more targeting random players who wish to spawnkill you because they saw you on the roster. No more accusations of using alternate accounts in clan battles. No more spending 30 minutes to find a server that has Valleyside University and getting everyone participating in the battle into the server without getting kicked for a Moderator who's following the battle attempting to spectate it because they're bored.

- I agree w/ OP that nobody even likes the new maps unless you have an overpowered chest route that guarantees you wins against everyone else who voted for Valleyside University but still someone got screwed over with the percentage voting system. Like, seriously, if a map's unpopular, it's unpopular for a reason. Just because a non-donor playing their first ever game voted for "Skyward Crest" everyone else needs to either shake their heads vigorously at a 0.000123 percent chance and proceed to /hub.

- How about moderators who're poked on teamspeak about hackers just ./find them and record them themselves instead of constantly just responding "do you have evidence?! You need evidence!" Like seriously, why do you expect me to take the time out of my day to record all the games I play, cut out the cheaters, find and spectate them, and then render and upload it so that some moderator can go "this isn't sufficient evidence"?! Like, just more HELP from moderators would be so nice. I remember I used to always go to hub 8 and ask a moderator to join the server which contained a cheater; with the new hub system, this rarely occurs.

Signs are much nicer, in my opinion, than the stupid compass system where most players just spam ./join sg and kick any non-donor wishing to play a game.

Having the old hub back would be cool, but not immensely necessary compared to the other problems.

I'll edit this if I need to
Also, for some reason "MCSG Community" these days means "Youtubers with 2k+ Subs that still play MCSG"
I kind of feel like many of the people making these forum posts complaining about things like the FNS glitch are just people who're coming from GoldEllipse/another youtubers video and are happily regurgitating what their idol said.

Also, all I feel I ever hear is "soon" "soon" "soon"
like can you give us an expected date? I mean, it'd be cool if you guys actually stuck by a schedule instead of releasing updates whenever you finally feel like it.

Also, maps I personally think should stay
Valleyside, Holiday, SG4, Highway, TSG2, Turbulence, Par72, Alaskan Village (where did it go), Chernoble 2015, Icarus (the original one), Moonbase 9 (the original one), SG Adrenaline (not my favorite but others like it), Zone 85 (Actually a decent revamp), Avaricia, and then just a bunch of maps I didn't mind (what happened to that other map by SuperxAndrew? Survival Games Ancient Japan anyone?! How about some good old Fortress Pyke?
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May 16, 2015
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I completly agree with everything you said. we need to make this server great again


Oct 26, 2015
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I agree that we don't this many maps to many routes to remember xD And yes we don't need the mini-games i came on this server only for survival games and that's what i have known this server to be for.


Dec 19, 2013
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If you guys could bring up these topics at the QNA with Chad that would be awesome


Dec 1, 2015
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I completely agree, I miss the way it used to be too, especially the old lobby thats now the map 'Lobby Games' and also the sign slots, I feel like it was much simpler a year or two ago, good suggestions, I think everyone should read this
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