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My issues with MCSG (Make MCSG great again)

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Dec 19, 2013
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Hello, my name is ShakeJunt. I've been playing MCSG for about 2 1/2 years now and I've seen a lot of things change. The MCSG community is switching over to other servers and overall, the server is "dying." Playing MCSG today just doesn't feel the same as it did a year ago. In this thread i'm going to list a bunch of thoughts and ideas on how to bring back the old MCSG we all love.
*Not hating towards the staff team, they're all great people and i'm thankful we have people like them that willingly help contribute to the server*
*I realize a lot of these topics were covered in the QNA with Chad, but I was just speaking my mind and i thought it would be better to include all my ideas and everything that i thought needed to be addressed.*

-Reducing Maps:

Honestly, we don't need all of these new maps. I don't know why theres like 5 new maps being added every 2 months. MCSG is iconic for having the original maps, Valley-Side, Alaskan Village, Demons Breeze Etc. We don't need to keep adding new maps, it just gives us all a head-ache trying to memorize all of them. Remember Quality over Quantity.

-Let go of the Mini-Games:

The server feels like an arcade instead of an SG server. Theres all of these random game-types that no one plays such as UHC Worlds, Survival Games Bingo, and Deadly Decent. Its just a waste of space and it doesn't look good when new players come join the server and see that theres 0 people playing them. It also takes the time and focus away from Survival Games. Don't forget SG is your bread and and butter, don't let it slip.

-Bring back old NCP / hit detection:

If you've played MCSG in 2014 and compare it to now, you will understand what i'm talking about. Ever since MCSG made the server 1.8 only, the hits have been very strange. Even after they brought back 1.7, the hit detection just doesn't feel the same as it did late 2014. I'm not sure what happened to the NCP but if you "Dev's, Chad" could revert back to how it was back then, i'm sure everyone would be pleased.

: As we all know the 4th charge of the Flint n' Steel doesn't work. This has happened in the past as well. Now I've also experienced sometimes the first 3 charges wont even work. This is an overdue issue that needs do be addressed.
Eating Glitch: I've noticed whenever i eat food, it takes longer to eat or it doesn't eat at all. This is a new glitch so I wouldn't expect anyone to be working on it, but if it could be looked into, that would be great.
Bow Glitch: Sometimes when you shoot your bow, the arrow doesn't shoot. this has occurred many times and i'm just wondering if this is in the works of being fixed or not.
Dispensers & Chests: The master sword on demons breeze is normally in the dispenser, but its not there anymore. Also the stone sword on Valleyside university in the chest near spawn is missing. These two things have been addressed with Chad so i'm sure they will be fixed soon.
Infinite Enchanting: You are able to enchant as much as you want if you get a level. This is a pretty well known glitch so i hope the staff have started working on this.
1.8 Blocks: When you step on a 1.8 block when your on 1.7, you sometimes cant move and you can even get kicked for flying. This has been addressed in the QNA with Chad so im hoping to see this fixed in the near future.


Hackers will always be a thing, and I've learned to just ignore them. But Badlion has recently done something really cool called "Judgment Day" where they let the NCP detect hackers over a short period of time, and then they do a mass banning of players that have been detected with hacks. I wouldn't say MCSG should completely steal this idea, but they should do something similar to this is, as it is very much needed on MCSG.


Whenever you join an SG game and you have /disguise enabled, it takes a few seconds for you to actually disguise in the lobby. This leads to players finding out who you are because they can see your real name in the tab, or in the chat if you do /list. Please look into this, many of us will be very pleased. Other than that the disguise feature is pretty solid.

-Bring back SG board #1-200 & hubs #1-8

*Directed towards the Dev's*

I know this was discussed in the QNA with Chad but I'd like to bring it up anyways :p
Its very confusing having random SG servers and Hubs. I know your reason for having it that way is to save money and the old SG board is out-dated but it would be very beneficial to the server if you could change back to how it was. It was very simple and clean with the old SG Sign Board with 200 slots, and 8 hubs. People were able to locate players easier, the hubs were unique and lets not forget how much fun hub 8 was. But overall it was very straightforward and everyone liked it better.
"Not much of an argument but i tried ;)"

I hope everyone gets a chance to see this, including the staff, so we can all contribute to solving these problems and make MCSG great again.
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District 13
Feb 20, 2014
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I agree with all of your points, they should honestly start taking it into consideration. I hope the meeting with Chad actually works out...
Oct 15, 2012
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Thanks for knowing what you are talking about and not posting nonsense, but FnS was fixed :)


District 13
Mar 25, 2014
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all the points were really nicely structured
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