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Guide How to Have a Successful Interview


Sep 29, 2014
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Thankyou very much!!!!!!!!!! I'll need this if my moderator application gets accepted for interview. :)


Sep 27, 2015
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Nice guide !
This is my question : You will be alone with 1 Sr.Mod or 2-3 ?


Aug 3, 2015
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How to Have a Successful Interview
(Process to interview is also included)

Hello tributes! So, if you are in the Waiting stage of your moderator journey, this is a thread you are going to want to look at. In the thread, we will be explaining what to do when your application gets moved to Interview, how to prepare for an interview, as well as some helpful things to remember once you are in the interview - without giving away too much information of course. Anyways, let's get started, shall we?

After you get your application moved to Interview:
Upon your application being moved to the Interview stage, you will need to hop on our TeamSpeak and poke a Sr. Staff member (someone with [Sr. Mod] next to their name) your application. You will then receive your Waiting rank and will now be able to join the Waiting Room. Congrats! This is probably the least stressful part of the process.

As we all know, the Sr. Staff members are only human and will not be able to do interview 24/7. Easily considered the most boring part of the process, waiting for the Sr. Staff may take a while. I was lucky and both of my interviews only took less than a week of waiting, but you might not be so lucky. Patience is the most important part of waiting, so make sure you have it!

Here are some tips to making waiting a bit less boring:
-Talking/playing games with your "waiting buddies".
-Playing MCGamer or other games.
-Listen to your favorite music.

Here are some things you do not want to do while waiting:
-Do NOT be impatient with waiting buddies (ex: "3 Sr. Mods on, they'll do interviews").
-Do NOT ask when interviews will happen.
-Do NOT break any rules in the waiting room.

Overall, you can do whatever you want to do while waiting. It is important that you try to stay in the Waiting Room as long as you can because your interview could happen at any time. Also, try to not to bug the Sr. Staff by asking if they can do interviews soon, when they will do interviews soon, etc.

When your interview is about to occur, the Sr. Staff will join your channel and announce that they will be doing interviews. They will usually announce the order of the interviews, so use that time to prepare anything you may feel the necessity to. It is always important to remain calm, or at least try to, to ensure that you won't mess things up in your interview. This can be one of the most exciting times of your MCGamer times, but it is extremely important to stay calm.

Here are some things you are going to want to do before your interview:
-Let people in your house know not to bother you and let them know why.
-Go grab some cold water to keep your voice ready.
-Stay as calm as possible, take some time to breathe and calm down.
-Get comfortable in your chair or wherever you are.

After you have done all of the above, you will be ready for your interview. Usually if interviews are about to be conducted, staff members join in to help calm down people that are about to get interviewed by just messing around and being friendly. If you ever want someone to come down, you can always poke me and I will tell you some corny jokes and awfully sing songs to help calm you down.

During your interview, it will be extremely difficult to not get giddy and nervous, but just try to remember that if you fail, you can always apply again and make it back to the interview stage. During the interview, you will want to answer all questions to the best of your ability and remain calm while doing so. Your interview will take about 10-20 minutes (or more) and you only get more comfortable with it as it goes on. This is the be-all and end-all of your road to the interview.

Here are some tips for helping you do better in your interview:
-Try to stay as calm as possible.
-DO NOT look at your application.
-Get a glass of water to keep your throat from drying up.
-Answer with a lot of detail.
-Play relaxing songs in the background.
-Be as professional as possible.
-Don't be afraid to take your time to think about the questions.

After you are done with your interview, the Sr. Staff members that interviewed you will move you out to assess your interview. This may take as long as your interview took, so be patient and try not to think about what you did wrong or right. The Sr. Staff will move you back in and let you know whether you passed or not. If you did, congrats! You are now a moderator and have finally accomplished your goal. If you didn't, it's all okay and you can apply again; persistence is key.

Now that you have gained the knowledge of how the road to interviews work, you may want to apply. If that's the case, you can apply at: http://apply.mcgamer.info. Remember to be patient with your application, as well as waiting for the interview if you get there. Good luck to all future applicants and interviewees!
this helps

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