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Events EU Operation CleanSweep - Winter 2016 - Week 4 Results & Provisional Results!


Jul 22, 2014
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Hello Tributes!

Our fourth week of EU OCS was a success. We managed to scoop up a total of 161 bans, which is significantly more than the last few weeks, so well done to all of you that have actively participated in this week's sessions. We are all very happy to see these many hackers getting banned, and there is a noticeable drop in hackers on the network. We hope this will continue in the next few weeks also.

You may have noticed the title and are asking yourselves, "What is going on?". Well, since we are halfway through the EU OCS, we decided to do something a little different. I will be listing the top 6 community members in terms of their bans they have gotten for the past 4 weeks. At the end of the season the top 6 will receive prizes that will be announced in due time. Without further ado, the top 6 community members in terms of Cleansweep bans so far are:

Like I said before, please note that these aren't the final results - there are 4 more weeks to go! Shoutout to [COLOR=#00ffff]Askao[/COLOR], [COLOR=#00ffff]TheMangoTiger[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#00ffff]Hectorg98[/COLOR] as they were close to this top 6. If you haven't been mentioned in the thread, don't worry. If you start now, you can also be listed in the thread, and receive prizes as well.

Now onto the formalities!

In previous operations, this has proven to be a successful option in eliminating hackers from the EU network; however, we are still looking into ways to make the operation even more successful. If you have any ideas for the Cleansweep, feel free to PM me ([COLOR=#b30000]MisiLica[/COLOR]), [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Mauro[/COLOR], [COLOR=#b30000]Vigilo[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Tiger[/COLOR], [COLOR=#b30000]Exzone[/COLOR] [B][COLOR=#b30000]Yannick[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]iRocki[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Getix[/COLOR] or [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Freshly[/COLOR]. In order to catch more hackers, we organize 2 hour Cleansweeps during the peak times on the EU network and sometimes an impromptu sweep which would last for an hour on average. The times will be listed below.

Times & Dates:
Monday: 6PM-8PM (GMT) | 1PM-3PM (EDT)
Wednesday: 7PM-9PM (GMT) | 2PM-4PM (EDT)
Friday: 6PM-8PM (GMT) | 1PM-3PM (EDT)
Saturday: 7PM-9PM (5PM-7PM on meeting days) (GMT) | 2PM-4PM (1PM-3PM on meeting days) (EDT)

*If you have any suggestions on when we should hold the sweeps, feel free to contact any member of the EU Cleansweep Team, as listed above.

This Week's Statistics:

43 participants.
23 of those were community members.
20 of those were staff members.
8 hours of sweeps.
161 hackers were banned.
An average of 40.25 bans were made each session.
40 hackers were found and recorded by members of the community.

What can you do?
In previous Cleansweeps, we have had many community members come onto TeamSpeak and assist us in making hacking bans. We do appreciate this. In order to help, log onto the TeamSpeak (ts.mcgamer.net) during the scheduled times.

Throughout previous operations and seasons, we have improved a lot and we came up with a solid system to get rid of as many hackers as possible during the 2 hour sweeps. If you are a member of staff and you wish to participate, feel free to hop into the channel at any time when the event is going on. You guys will be kept up-to-date with any changes or updates on our Slack. If you are a member of the community, please follow the steps provided below:

1) Poke a member of the OCS Crew in the dedicated channel on the teamspeak with a message asking to help out and if you could join. You can recognize them by the [OCS Crew] tag next to their name or by the hammer icon that represents the Cleansweep (

2) Shortly after, you will be asked to sign an agreement (on a Google form) to be made aware of the OCS Rules, and of the rules about submitting evidence. The agreement you'll have to sign is as following:

By joining the EU Operation Cleansweep, I agree that I will actively participate in catching hackers on the EU network, and that I will not be found breaking any of the Official MCGamer Rules which can be found at http://mcgamer.info. I must be able to record video myself and the MCGamer staff reserves the right to remove me from the channel or Teamspeak if I am found breaking any of these rules. I also agree with that I can be punished if I delete/remove the evidence I provided to be used in the Cleansweep.

3) After having provided us with your Minecraft username and, if applicable, your forums username, you will be moved down into the dedicated Cleansweep channel, ready to help out sweeping those hackers off of their flying carpets!

4) If you are having trouble looking for hackers on the servers, then please do not hesitate to poke any member of staff in the channel asking to provide you the username of a player on our /reports list in-game. They will gladly give you a username and server ID so that you are able to check said player out, and gather sufficient evidence in case they would indeed be hacking.

5) After you have successfully recorded and uploaded the evidence, please poke it to a member of the OCS Crew and we will make sure that they will be banned accordingly and that your username and efforts have been noted down, so that it can be taken into account again in the future..

Can't get on TeamSpeak? That's fine. You can still help out by recording and reporting hackers at http://report.mcgamer.info. These reports are a huge help to both the network and the staff team and every single one of them is greatly appreciated!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Will the Cleansweep ever end?
Answer: The operation will continue as long as it is needed. If there is ever a point when the amount of hackers on EU is low, it may end, but it will start as soon as the hacker problem is present again.

Question: Do I have to talk?
Answer: No, you don't have to talk, but you can if you'd like.

Question: Do I have to record?
Answer: Yes, we are only allowing those who can record to join; however, if you want to help out, you can still message us people you suspect are hacking or directly poke us the evidence if you have any.

Question: Is there a US or AU Cleansweep?
Answer: Don't worry, the other regions will not be neglected. Currently, the staff are testing other solutions for each region.

Question: Why do you post all the times when hackers can see it?
Answer: Most hackers will not check the forums, and won't even know that we are there. In addition, we do impromptu Cleansweeps.

Special thanks to the following people!

[COLOR=#b30000]Vigilo[/COLOR] - OCS Overseer & Crew Member
[COLOR=#b30000]MisiLica[/COLOR] - OCS Overseer & Crew Member
[COLOR=#ff4d4d]Mauro[/COLOR] - OCS Crew Member
[COLOR=#ff4d4d]Tiger[/COLOR] - OCS Crew Member
[COLOR=#b30000]Exzone[/COLOR] - OCS Crew Member
[B][COLOR=#b30000]Yannick[/COLOR][/B] - OCS Crew Member
[COLOR=#ff4d4d]Getix[/COLOR] - OCS Crew Member
[COLOR=#ff4d4d]Freshly[/COLOR] - OCS Crew Member
[COLOR=#ff4d4d]iRocki[/COLOR] - OCS Crew Member
[COLOR=#8000ff]mfungamer[/COLOR] - For previous OCS Crew work
[COLOR=#ff0000]Axanite | Liam[/COLOR] - For previous OCS Crew work
[COLOR=#8000ff]Braden[/COLOR] - For making the OCS banner!
[COLOR=#8000ff]MoLoToV[/COLOR], [COLOR=#8000ff]Frazzli185[/COLOR], [COLOR=#8000ff]Scott[/COLOR] & [COLOR=#8000ff]Nephilim[/COLOR] - For running and organizing previous operations!
Thank you to the other community members that have also made a great effort this week [COLOR=#00ffff]Dule1928[/COLOR], [COLOR=#00ffff]Fiv | John[/COLOR], [COLOR=#006600]JoeyLovesSoup[/COLOR], [COLOR=#00ffff]Askao[/COLOR], [COLOR=#0080ff]Chajack[/COLOR] and to our a
staff members - [COLOR=#ff4d4d]MrMets[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]SolarBleu[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Enlighten[/COLOR], [COLOR=#b30000]ShaiPR7[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Pol | Specterz[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Levi[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]Andrew[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]GoontherMC[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff4d4d]William[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#ff4d4d]_Kaany[/COLOR] for participating and making bans during the sweeps!
All other community and staff participants - For trying, even without assisting in actual bans.
Anyone else who assists with the operation! - It is much appreciated.

Have a wonderful week!
- MCGamer EU Operation Cleansweep Crew
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Sep 6, 2013
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A lot of sessions = a lot of bans!
Btw, thanks for mentioning, I will still try my best to catch cheaters <3


Jan 23, 2016
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I'm near the top 6? I've only been to 1 session last week and 1 a few weeks ago 0.o Will definitely try to attend more in the upcoming weeks c:

Also shoutout to the staff members who helped me by giving me hackers to record Gustyy Getix MrMets :joy: :joyful::X3: :3
I'm in the top 6 and I have attended 1 session :p I'm definitely gonna attend the rest now I want this prize xD

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