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Wondering what this section is for? Read this!


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Jan 1, 2013
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Welcome to the Development Changelog section! This section is intended to replace the biweekly Patch Notes with much more frequent updates. Every time an update is pushed to the live/production network, we'll create a thread here about it.

[Game] Build 9001? What does that mean?
We label the threads in this section by what area of servers the update affects and the build number for that area of servers. Most threads in this section will be "Game" updates, which means that they directly affect our game servers (however, this does not necessarily mean it's a gameplay update; many times, it's just bugfixes, and might even be hub changes or other internal changes). Some threads will be "Proxy" updates, which affect the proxy servers. Game and Proxy updates use two separate set of build numbers, so it's entirely possible to see a "[Game] Build 60" thread and a "[Proxy] Build 30" thread in the same day.

The build number reflects the version of our code that was deployed. It won't usually be sequential, because we try to condense several updates into a single deployment cycle.

So what all will be included in the update posts?
Essentially what you see in the Patch Notes, except the update posts contain a raw list of changes since the last public build. We hope to be somewhat more descriptive in these update posts to give the technically-minded of you an idea of what's happening internally; however, we can't always be super descriptive about changes.

Why are the Patch Notes going away?
Simply put, this section integrates better with our development and deployment cycles. Not only does it allow us to keep our playerbase more updated on changes, but it's also easier for us to handle. Instead of spending time compiling a comprehensive list of changes every fortnight, we will simply post changes in this section once they have been deployed.

I see a thread that states that some changes were made, but I don't see those changes on the server I'm on! Why is this happening?
If the thread was just recently posted, chances are that the update hasn't made its way out to your server yet. This is usually resolved within an hour or two, but if you'd like to check if the update has reached the server you're on yet, you can use the "/xime" command for Game updates, or the "/proxy" command for Proxy updates, and identify the build number in the output:

Game server output (/xime):

Proxy server output (/proxy):

The circled number is the build number that the server is currently running. If it's less than the version on the thread, the server you're on hasn't received the update yet. If the number is greater than or equal to the version on the thread, it may be a bug, so please click here to file a bug report.


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Jun 11, 2013
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Ava Thanks SOOOOO MUCH FOR DOING THIS. Glad you listened to our advice. I am sure many people will appreciate this, and hopefully more people will better understand how much work you do after seeing it in detail.
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This should be more understandable than what you've used in the past. Glad to see the new system. :)


Mar 1, 2014
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Glad to see this great addition! The previous system only happened so often, this one is kept updated each day. This is great for community members to know about these updates as they're happening! :D

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