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US Clan Leaderboards

Aug 1, 2014
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Welcome to the US Clan Leaderboards!
If you would like a shot at this event, fill out this application!

Division 2 Clan Application:
Clan Name:
Clan Thread (Link)
Clan Leader's Forum Name:
Clan Leader's Skype:
Do you speak English?:
Clan TeamSpeak: (It's Okay If You Don't Have One Yet)
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We now have a TeamSpeak for ALL clans here is the IP: tx.gamersvoip.net:10133
Clans will have personal clan ranks, if you need them to be created please message a staff member

- All Battles will be carried out on MCSG Maker, if you are unsure how to do this refer to this thread.

- The MCGamer Global Clan Rules 2015 should be followed at all times, we've modified the rules just slightly to fit our needs better.
- You must have atleast 6 players to battle and a maximum of 8 players on your team at one time. We only do 6v6s, 7v7s, and 8v8s.
- Spectating is only allowed under the circumstance that you are recording a hacker.
- Sponsoring is not allowed, nor is the use of sponsored items allowed.
- Any team may only postpone if the score is 2-0, 2-1, 2-2, or 3-2 for any reason they deem necessary or if MCGamer is having any game breaking Glitches/Lag/Errors.
- For this Leaderboard, we only play these select maps: Survival Games 4, SG Highway, Holiday Resort, Teweran SG2, Valleyside University, Par 72, Alaskan Village, Zone 85, and Bayside. Clans should play the new maps that have been added to this map pool.

- The following are the general rules for theLeaderboards:
- Clans may only challenge the clan immediately above them.
- Once a clan has been challenged, the battle MUST be accepted and scheduled within 48 hours and played within the next 7 days or the clan being challenged will forfeit the match.
- Once a clan challenges or is challenged by another clan, they are locked in, and cannot be challenged by anyone else until the conclusion of their battle.
- After a clan loses a battle, they must wait at least 3 days to challenge the same clan that they just lost to.
- If a clan declines a match, it will count as a loss and they will be moved down one spot on the leaderboards.
- If a clan fails to accept multiple challenges in a row, they WILL be removed from the leaderboards.
- Any clan must be able to clan battle AT MOST twice on one day.
- Once two clans have battled, they will both send me the results of the battle. (Ex. Rebels vs Trivium - 3:2 Rebels) These results will be shown on the news for EVERYONE to see, but will be taken down the following week.
- Clans will not be accepted to the leaderboards with under 10 members.
- If there is a server-side issue then that round will be counted as a redo, as if it were a client side issue that will not be counted as a redo.
- The decisions of the US Clan Leaderboards Staff are final. If you have any issues with a battle or another clan on the leaderboards, bring it to them.

- Consequences for breaking the rules:
If any of the rules are broken, then these will occur.

First Offence: The round will not count and will be called off.

Second Offence: The round will be a disqualification.

Third Offence: The match will be a forfeit.

In the case of serious offenses (Hacking, Playing on alts, etc.,) the match will be an automatic forfeit and more serious punishments may follow.

Division #1: This would be clans that are invited. This would be the more competitive division. All the good clans would in here.

Division #2: This would be where clans can apply and join. First 2 or 1 would move on to the Division #1.

There would be certain date where season would start and end so the last clan that was in #1 and/or #2. The #1 clan on Division #1 would be the winners! If we can find some type of a prize for that clan would be much appreciated. #1 Clan from Division 2 will be moved into Division 1, while the last clan in the Division 1 Ranks will be moved down into Division 2.

Some things that will be added:
Screensharing Staff
More Staff in general
Reserves has been added, this is where the inactive staff members will be placed.
There will be pre-season where certain clans can scrim until the actual season begins.


All clans have been removed and are welcome to re-apply, but you will be added to Division 2. Don't forget if you do go along with this, you must stay active and battle occasionally in order to be promoted into Division 1.



In-Game Name - Forum Name - Current Clan

asdffish - asdffish - None
beneu - beneu - Saber
Ceraron - Ceraron - Saber
FusionNuggets Fusionnuggets - Curse
juggerr - Juggernaut - None
Motteron - Motteron - Saber
Sportz - Sports - Saber
Techaton - Techaton - None

Screensharing Staff
None, Applications are open.

Staff applications are open along with screensharing staff.
If you wish to become a staff member for the USCL, please take time and write out at least a paragraph long application explaining why you wish to be apart of the staff here and send it to us as a PM.

Rank - Record - Clan Name - Leader

Divison 1 Clans

Placement Battle Bracket: http://challonge.com/usclbracket
There will be a placement tournament on the weekend of 27-29th of May to determine the rankings.

Division 2 Clans

1 | 0-0 | Karma | TheKarma
1 | 0-0 | Stolen | StolenUS
1 | 0-0 | Gotham | GothamUS
1 | 0-0 | Unique | MeNoCare
1 | 0-0 | Trilogies | Qurlao

- - -

Blacklisted Players / Clans:

Permanent Blacklists:
Hacking, multiple counts [Admitted]

Anubis_HG / Slv / InspireLove / unskilled / R3X / R3xonyte / Alright_ / Adolescence / Kreptonyte / NoHaxJustJdennis / Skizy / Lahyun / Legendminerx / 58s / Cr1ms0n / yow / Transformer / RainJesus / Rainxtasy
Hacking, toxicity [Admitted]

RedstoneWarrior3 / AmBridge / MeAndMyToggles / Tanking
Hacking, ddosing [Admitted]

Duve / cheatergod
Hacking & DDoS'ing

This clan has now been permanently blacklisted from USCL. If MrTap / Omxr does make another clan, that clan will be added to the blacklist as well.
DDoS'ing / DDoS Threats


Temporary Blacklists:
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Dec 27, 2012
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To new beginning and a New year!

My Notes:

1/1: I recommend every player to go read the new Clan Battle rules, these rules were created with Soul's rules in mind, if you have anyone issues about the rules, please do inform us immediately and we will try and work to get a resolution.
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Jun 28, 2014
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spice girls
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