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US Clan Leaderboards

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Jun 29, 2012
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Welcome to the US Clan Leaderboards!
If you would like a shot at this event, fill out this application!
Clan Name:
Clan Thread (Link)
Clan Leader's Forum Name:
Clan Leader's Skype:
Clan TeamSpeak: (It's Okay If You Don't Have One Yet)
My Forum Account Tagged: HarborSeal

- Battles will be carried out on MCSG servers.
- Each battle will play under these rules with the exception of rule 14. Also, these rules will be implemented:
> No Stone Sword Tree On Valleyside University.
> Spectating is not allowed.
> Once a lobby has entered into pre-game, the match will be officially in motion, EXCEPT in the case which a team is represented by a disadvantage in lobby and has taken this disadvantage into pre-game. In this case scenario, the disadvantaged team will be allowed to pull out of the server DURING pre-game to redo the round. If the disadvantaged team does not pull out after pre-game, the round must go on.
- The battle will be best out of 5 or best out of 7. (First to 3 or 5)
- The minimum amount of people per battle is a 6v6. If a team lacks the amount of people at the date of the battle, they must play with a disadvantage for it is their fault.
- Any maps may be chosen, but must be agreed upon by both teams. If maps cannot be decided, then the 5 default maps will be: Valleyside University, SG4, TSG2, Holiday, and Highway.
- The only way to move up the leader boards is by challenging the clan above your clan. Once the enemy clan has been challenged, the battle MUST be planned within 48 hours and played within the next 7 days or your clan will automatically be moved up a spot. The same goes if a clan challenges your team. If your team is challenged, the battle MUST planned within 48 hours and played in the next 7 days or your clan will move down a spot. Once the date and time has been set, there will be NO CHANGES WHATSOEVER. If a clan declines the challenge, it will not count as a forfeit, but the clan will go down a spot.
- If any clan loses, they must wait 3 days in order to challenge the same clan again.
- Clans can challenge clans below them, but will lose their spot and move below the challenged clan if they lose.
- There will be NO POSTPONEMENTS. Any inconveniences will be the clan's/member's fault, unless it's uncontrollable. (Ex. Server Lag, Hackers) In this case, the battle can be moved at later time, but must be finished within ONE DAY.
- Any clan must be able to clan battle AT MOST twice on one day. There might be an occasion where they will have to fight the clan they challenged and the clan that challenged them. (Ex. Rivals (Rank 3) must fight Rebels (Rank 2) and Trivium (Rank 4) on the same day, if scheduled that way.)
- Once two clans have battled, they will both send me the results of the battle. (Ex. Rebels vs Trivium - 3:2 Rebels) These results will be shown on the news for EVERYONE to see, but will be taken down the following week.
- The "Process" bypasses the rules stated above.
- If there are no referees online and present for the battle, then the battle can either be postponed or, if both clans agree, the battle can continue without refs. If there is a ref online, this cannot be used as a reason to postpone a battle.
- When a clan is challenged, it locks them in, so they cannot be challenged again until after their battle finishes if they win the battle, the clan that was below them would have to challenge the clan that lost, not the clan that is now two ranks above them
- Consequences for breaking the rules:
If any of the rules are broken, then these will occur.

First Offence: The round will not count and will be called off.

Second Offence: The round will be a disqualification.

Third Offence: The match will be a forfeit.

This is what makes this fair and exciting. No clan will be able to hold a spot due to "inconveniences." I know that sometimes leaders can be missing or important assets to the clan may be in absence, but a clan shouldn't rely on a few people. A clan should be able to show their strength within every single member. This will help show current standings for the US Clan Community and keep clans active.​

- Ascension has accepted the ArtOfPvP challenge. Date: 7/25
- Redemption has accepted the Alpha challenge. Date: 7/27
- Extinct has accepted the challenge by Ascension. Date: 7/27
- Elevate has accepted the challenge by Trama. Date: 7/29
- Forgotten has accepted the challenge by Rebels. Date: 7/30
- Trivium has accepted the challenge by Valor. Date: 7/30
- Samurai has accepted the Unite challenge. Date: 8/2
- Tigers has been challenged by Protocol and have until 8/2 to respond. Zarmax5
- Elevate has been challenged by Eternity and have until 8/4 to respond. ScrewYouGumby2

- Elevate vs Valor [Elevate Win 3-0]
- Protocol vs Vortex [Protocol 3-1 Win]
- Extinct vs Vortex [Vortex Win 3-2]
- Protocol vs Outcast [Protocol 3-1 Win]
- Samurai vs Alpha [Samurai 3-0 Win]
- Eternity vs Tigers [Eternity Win 3-0]
- Elevate vs Valor [Valor Win 3-1]
- Protocol vs Haunted [Protocol Win 3-0]
- Eternity vs Trama [Eternity Win 5-3]
- Rebels vs Trivium [Rebels Win 3-0]
- Samurai vs Unite [Samurai Win 3-0]
- Reincarnated vs Relentless [Relentless Win 3-1]
- Extinct vs Ascension [Extinct Win 5-4]
- Reflection vs Tigers [Reflection Win 3-0]
- Reflection vs Eternity [Eternity Win 5-4]

Occupation - In-Game Name - Skype - Current Clan
Sr. Moderator - Exodus - Skype: mason10148 - Forgotten
Sr. Moderator - Zeno - Skype: ezmccormick - Rebels
Sr. Moderator - HarborSeal - Skype: shamoo.seal - Eternity
Head Referee - IPureGold - Skype: LawsHD - Elevate
Referee - cf918 - Skype: Cf918Money - Beginning
Referee - ScrewYouGumby2 - Skype: peter111311 - Elevate
Referee - UpdatinStatus - Skype: hittinbillz - Clanless
Referee - rexxyy - Skype: rexxyymcsg - Rebels
Referee - Maxypie - Skype: stealthjmax - Rebels
Referee - Branbob83 - Skype: branbob83 - Trivium
Referee - JustAHotDog - Skype: JustAHotDog - Trivium
Trial Referee - KingTut - Skype: decr0708 - Triton
Recorder - Zlim95 - Skype: zlimtherival - Reflection​

(Any Rank Will Have The Responsibilities Of All Ranks Below Them)
Head Admin - In charge of the whole system
Sr. Moderator - Can interview possible candidates for staff and consults with clan leaders to schedule battles
Head Referee - In charge of making sure battles go smoothly and keeps all referees and recorders in-check. Their input on rulings will be taken in consideration the most.
Referee - Can spectate battles (unless one of the teams do not want him/her to) and can judge for any battles
Recorder - Can spectate battles, but MUST record the battle
At the moment any more staff positions will be invite only, please do not ask for one, we will come to you if we want you.​

1 - Forgotten - Agilities -
2 - Rebels - Maxypie -
3 - Trivium - Branbob83 -
4 - Valor - SertifiedBlocks -
5- Elevate - ScrewYouGumby2 -
6 - Eternity - NativeTalent -
7 - Reflection - CoolDarkraiDude -
8 - Tigers - Zarmax5 -
9 - Protocol - Protocol -
10 - Haunted- TheHauntedClan -
11 - Vortex - VortexClan -
12 - Extinct - KingofGrapes -
13 - Ascension - resistantcorn12 -
14 - ArtOfPvP - PimpHank -
15 -Samurai - DoFlamingo -
16 - Unite - zburgbacher3031 -
17 - Redemption - Fuzzycookie -
18 - Triton - Epic_Frog_Song -
19 - Alpha - Mrskittleswolf -
20 - Relentless - KingGamerHD -
21 - Oblivion - XxLegitCowXx -
22 - Reincarnated - GiveMeUrPants_JK -
23 - Epitome - Geccu -
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Jun 29, 2012
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Hi, Soul is taking a break so for now I will be taking over the leaderboards - basically just to update it :p
For anyone wondering, I got the permission to do this by Soul, so don't worry.


Jul 18, 2014
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Harbor, please change the name Dawn, to Vaporize. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Aug 17, 2012
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k pm me and zeno for battles and such we are in charge now
bow down
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