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Ultimate Thanksgiving Map Vote

Vote for your top 3 MCSG maps to return on 11/29!

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Nov 5, 2019
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Again so many good maps we had at one point! Reason why we are staggering them is that we are fixing any issues after feedback releasing them back on the network. We didn't want to release all of them at once as we could be overwhelmed with map bugs. We will boost the frequency on adding new maps in December and hopefully everyone will get a chance to play on that old favorite soon!
None of the maps being added need re-tiering. People loved the original tiering. Don't change them. The only feedback that needs to be recepted is regarding actual bugs, e.g Traps, OP items ect.


Mapping Team Lead
Oct 6, 2012
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None of the maps being added need re-tiering. People loved the original tiering. Don't change them. The only feedback that needs to be recepted is regarding actual bugs, e.g Traps, OP items ect.
None of them being re tiered. He didnt say anything about retiering


Staff member
Apr 15, 2012
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That is correct, non of the maps are being modified as far as the teiring + Items. We are however fixing issues like missing blocks, fires, redstone issues and other map issues. Every map added back is basically 100% preserved on what it was back in the past community times.

As far as the map rotations, at this point we will bring raffle voting back based on the feedback of our in-game poll. We however want to get in 1 weekend to make sure that is still the case by as many people voting on it. As far as removing maps, we talked about that and starting a plan for rotations. Down the road, MCSG Maker however will always have all of the maps ever played on our system for custom games.
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District 13
Jul 5, 2012
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I'm just looking forward to Chad being like "We fooled you and we're adding the 3 lowest voted maps" :p


Nov 26, 2019
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