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UHC Games Suggestions - CaptainSlugger

Apr 16, 2016
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Hi, I have some suggestions about mcsg's new UHC games. My friends and I noticed that when playing UHC games u were in the constant trouble of finding gold. Which leads to campers and people hiding until everyone is dead to have the most health. The most gold i have found was 3 ingots in 1 chest but its mostly 1 ingot every now and then. Another issue i ran into was how blocks were available in chests. For instance I am in a house someone blocks the door way with cobble stone. IM stuck until my fist breaks both blocks or i have to find another way out. Also fns and lava buckets are OP. Which leads to fire spam because u have no waterbucket to put it out so literally a guy with no armor can destroy a full diamond guy with no water... I know you just "made" this gamemode. but people are avoiding it until changes are made. Thanks for reading have a nice day devs.

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