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Toggle Sprint


Oct 16, 2015
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Hello everyone! I just wanted to give everyone a little tip on how to improve your PvP skillz. Im pretty sure 90% of the MCGamer community uses this so if you're part of that 10%, your about to get a whole lot better at MCSG and PvP in general. So lets get right into it. A little mod called toggle sprint, has saved my life plenty of times and has made me an all around decent PvPer. If you don't know what toggle sprint is, its a mod that, you guessed it, toggles the sprint button for you. This means you don't have to push another button besides W to sprint. This is very beneficial because you can get more access to keys for hot keying and also you get them over 9,000, next level, wombo combos! Basically its like hacks but legal on MCGamer lol. Anyway your probably asking yourself, "OMG! Where do I get it! I want to get the wombo of the combos!" Well, you're in luck! This thread here talks about everything you need! This works with 1.8 and 1.7 but always remember, 1.8 PvP is no beueno so choose 1.7. Anyway, I hope this helps you guys out and credits to Ceroria for making the thread in the first place. See you guys on the network and I hope you don't wreck me with your newly installed toggle sprint :)

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