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Toggle Sprint/Sneak?!

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Jul 2, 2014
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Hello tributes!

Recently, the Administration team has made a decision on something that has been highly requested over the past few months or so. That being said, we have decided that the Toggle Sneak/Sprint mod will now be allowed on the MCGamer Network!

What is Toggle Sneak/Sprint? Why was it disallowed?

Essentially, Toggle Sneak/Sprint is a mod that allows you to, well you guessed it, toggle your sprint and/or sneaking abilities. It has previously been disallowed on the MCGamer network for several reasons such as some versions of the mod allows you to type/open a chest whilst crouched. Also that it allows you to just press one button and it will start sprinting instead of holding two buttons or double tapping ‘W’ or whatever key you use. We have engineered our anti-cheat to stop those things and it will remove you from the network if those malicious versions of the mod are used. Also please keep in mind that these things we disallow are version dependent and not all versions of these mods contain said advantages.

What now?

So, that leads me into the next point. Why has it been all of a sudden allowed on the network? Well, after looking into the mod a little bit closer and adding some stuff in the background that will not allow the previously “sketchy” parts of the mod such as reduced knockback, we are confident in saying that this mod will no longer provide an unfair advantage.

“Does that mean I can use the mod on MCGamer now without getting banned?”

Yes! It does! You are 100% completely free to use the mod on our network. Get downloading right now if you so please. :)

“Wait! I am currently banned for using that mod! Can I be unbanned since it’s allowed!?”

Yes, you can! If you have been previously banned for the “Toggle Sneak/Sprint” mod, you can go ahead and create a punishment dispute at the following link and one of our amazing Sr. Moderators will be apt in responding to your punishment dispute!

Punishment Disputes: http://www.mcgamer.net/forums/Disputes/
Template for PD’s:

We appreciate all of your cooperation when it comes to things like this and we hope that you all enjoy this decision! We listen more than you think :kappa:



Mar 11, 2014
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Great news! Glad people can now use this mod on the server now! c:


Anyway, good to see MCSG improving. Finally they allow what community wants and I'm really grateful for that. Now CAmadeusA please update the anti-cheat and mcsg will be popular once again! We don't want the anti-cheat to catch every single hack in the list but atleast fly and kill aura, like pls b0ss.
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