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The Summer Update

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Jul 11, 2014
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Edit (03 Jul): We've been continuing to adjust the tiering and balancing for these games all day. We've reached a point where we're comfortable and are looking for more feedback. Contact a member of staff if you have any suggestions/questions/comments/concerns. Thanks!

Hey there tributes,

We have a lot of new and exciting things coming your way today. As of tonight we will be updating the game servers with some major updates that we have been working on over the past few months.

These updates have been completed ingame; some final website changes are taking place throughout the day today/tomorrow to add the leaderboards for the new games.

A New Direction

From the beginning of the year, we have been planning some major changes to the types of games that we will be supporting. We will be heavily focusing on MCSG and games that suit a similar playstyle; all of you as a player base have shown us that is what you consistently enjoy, and we will continue to provide games that will reinforce that experience.

As of today, we will be removing Survival Bingo, Deadly Descent, and ZedChase from the network. UHC Worlds has been temporarily disabled pending future changes.

Defining The Future

Alongside these changes, we are also releasing two new game modes, and a large anticheat overhaul. We’ve also recently added support for Minecraft 1.10, and made general improvements to the network.

Both of these new games make use of our party system in a more significant capacity, and they brandish a new elo rating system as an extension of MCSG points. Keep reading to find more details about these new games and what our goals are with them.


Skywars is a game where you are placed into a skyblock setting with 15 other opponents; only one may leave victorious. A frequently requested game, Skywars offers a new, fresh PvP experience, including distinctive chest loot, fully mutable terrain, a new elo points system, and much more.

In the non-solo variant of Skywars, you will also have the option to spawn in with teammates with the party system. But beware, when you spawn with teammates you will have to share the limited resources within chests at your spawn, and only one player can ultimately be declared the winner.

Ultra Hardcore Survival Games

The Ultra Hardcore Survival Games is a relatively faithful variant of our original MCSG system, with some major changes that are sure to create a fresh new experience. As you play, you will be placed on some of the same maps you’re familiar with from playing MCSG, but with a few key differences.

Most notably, your health will not regenerate automatically; you must find golden apples in chests, or use player heads dropped by your fallen foes. In addition to that, you will find many distinctive items in chest loot: ranging from the tools to spawn and equip horses, to blocks that you can place in the game.

You aren’t able to break the actual map, but you can place and break blocks that are found in chests. You also spawn randomly around the map, not at the cornucopia; in the non-solo variant, you are able to use the party system to spawn with your teammates.

These new games are aimed at broadening the scope of what you can do on the MCGamer Network, while going back to our roots of MCSG— where it all started; we are just as excited to release these games as we hope you are to play them.

Leaderboards & Elo

We’ve taken the concept of points found in MCSG and refined it into a metric that should more fairly measure a player’s ability. Both of the new games utilize this elo rating system, which takes into account the differences between you and any opponent’s rating when affecting your rating— if you defeat an opponent with a much higher rating than you, you will gain a larger rating than if you were to defeat an opponent with a much lower rating than you. Overall this strives to keep the system as fair as possible, while also remaining competitive for those who wish to race for the top.

These new games, and their solo variants, will have fully functional leaderboards as MCSG does; the web pages for the leaderboards will be live towards the end of the day. All of the games played are already being tracked, and will be represented when the leaderboards are made public. Stat reset tokens will also be enabled for these new leaderboards within the coming weeks.

The XAC Xime Anti-Cheat

Along with the new games our in-house anticheat has received a significant overhaul, always with the goal of removing cheaters as effectively as possible. This covers most major hacks to an extent, and makes headway to detecting things done within ghost clients using techniques you can’t find anywhere else. Keeping in mind that the more hidden a hack is, the less useful for PVP it becomes, we will be continuing to make strides with this new version of our anticheat from here on out to continue to adapt as clients change over time.

As well, we have been working hard to resolve any residual issues with our games, and have taken a more aggressive stance for resolving bugs. Recently we have cleaned out our issues tracker, and have been staying on top of resolving any issues with the code base and including them here. You can find a large list of issues we’ve resolved under the closed issues on our issues repo.

Wrapping It Up

As mentioned, these new games are aimed at going back to our roots of MCSG, while breathing new life into the idea of games like Survival Games on the MCGamer Network. We’ve worked very hard on this update, and we hope you guys enjoy it.

We’re open to any suggestions to help improve this update further and we’re willing to hear out any constructive criticism or general feedback you may have about this update. We're sure to have your support in our choice to put a strong focus into our roots with these updates.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and let’s all get back to having fun.

~ The MCGamer Development Team
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May 31, 2013
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May 27, 2013
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The fact that this has all been in the making since January clearly shows that the staff team does care about us the community. I'm looking forward to seeing it all with my own eyes!
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