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The Christmas Leaderboard Event!

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Dec 30, 2012
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Hello, tributes, spectators, and all the members of the MCGamer community! Winter is coming… Which means; a whole new event for the courageous who are willing to fight for their glory once again on cold hard ice, and become victorious in yet another battle royale amongst tributes in our brand new, and wonderful gamemode, Solo Survival Games! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this time it isn’t about who hunts for your sake, but it is a matter on who YOU hunt. This year’s Christmas event revolves around testing the strength of our community’s will to survive the winter’s freezing, and merciless environment. To emerge victorious for as many times as possible in order to win wonderful prizes!

Why we host this event:
We have become ambitious towards reigniting the interest of our recently opened gamemode, Solo SG. In order to do so, we have elaborated on a plan in which will become an event for everyone to enjoy! We intend to provide the most enjoyable experience as possible for every single one of you, and therefore moderators will be more than willing to look out for any foul play within this event. Regardless, if you do notice any foul play, you are more than privileged to tell a staff member about it, because we’re always by your side!

But this is one, of many reasons why we bring this wonderful event to all you wonderful players today. Because bringing life in MCGamer closer together is one of the biggest aspirations we strive for today, and we know that you will all love it! <3

When, where, and who will participate?:
This is a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas event in which you do not want to miss (you could get coal in your presents!), so we wish to give every single one of you talented players out there the opportunity towards competing for the ultimate winter goal. Who knows, out of the many powerful users out there, you could perhaps be the chosen player to win! We strongly encourage everyone here to do, and be their very best into showcasing their Minecraft player-vs-player, and survival in the wild skills. So come on ahead and show everyone what you’re made of, and dominate the solo-sg arenas with an iron fist if you can!

If you are up for the challenge, and want to participate, all you have to do is play! At the end of each week for the next month, around christmas time or shortly after, we will be reviewing the top weekly leaderboard players, (obviously first checking there was no foul play) and #1 will receive a prize.

The actual event begins at Sunday 13th at 8PM EST, in which will last for 4 weeks and ends on January 16th. This provides the competitive side of you enough time to stack up a huge rack of wins to conquer other players in this fun winter battle!

Note: You can only win once!

How will the event work?
The player with the most wins on each weekly leaderboard for the next month will get a prize! So bear in mind, that you are allowed to play as many games as you’d like in order to stack up those wins!

What will the reward system be like?:

The top 4 players who earned the most wins in SoloSG will receive a month diamond donor rank.

Some rules you must follow…:

Keep in mind that this event will always have something fishy going on, and people could end up on thin ice! So keep in mind that all rules and regulations apply, and that you must thoroughly follow them at all costs during the event. It never hurts to have fun while following the rules! For more information on the rules, in case you feel oblivious, please refer to this page to have a further understanding on how we tolerate things around here:


Additionally, knowing that this will become a competitive environment, it will be more than likely that several players will be tempted to achieve victory in means that are completely illegitimate. So keep in mind that hacking, boosting, or even teaming (which is prohibited in SoloSG, they call it that for a reason!) will result in immediate disqualification from the event and that you cannot participate in it any further.

And if you do happen to catch an illegitimate player, then always, and please be sure to report anyone who isn’t playing in our servers fairly, whether they are partaking in this event or not.

If you have any further inquiries, feel free to ask one of the hosts or any of the staff who are helping with the event as we are more than happy to help you out.

Happy Christmas holidays, and have a wonderful new year! Joyful hunting to you all! <3

Shout out to Miner9823 for creating this wonderful thread for me and for Exzone making me the wonderful banner at the top of the thread.
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Who's gonna ghost client their butt off? We will see

Edit: Nothing against this event but considering how many ghost client users have been around the network it wouldn't suprise me if someone got the award although they've been hacking throughout the whole event.
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Sep 6, 2013
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Tsk, impossibile for me to win playing once a week
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