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The Beginning [US Team]

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Jan 9, 2013
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The Beginning Banner.png

TeamSpeak Server IP:

Time to time, there comes a feeling. This feeling has lots of power, but this type of power has a certain attribute that has enough strength to make an alliance dissever completely. Why does it contain such an attribute? Well, a singular person can not find out, only a certain alliance can. An alliance contains a population, with this population, there is cause and effect. One thing triggers, another thing perishes. But when the trigger gets happy, things start disappearing more diurnal. Then, when the alliance is nothing but a naught, it can no longer continue, an end. But while that is only the past, we are here to present a start of something that can last eternally, The Beginning.

• • •

× Requirements ×
Age of 14 and over. (Omissions can be made)
Ownership of any type of donor. (Omissions can be made)
Installation of TeamSpeak.
Installation of Skype.
Ownership of a working microphone.
Act of Dedication, Activeness,
Matureness, and Respect.
Strategic Qualities.
Familiar with call outs on the present Clan Battle Maps.

× Clan Rules ×
Absolutely no flame started between a clan individual and other clan's affiliate(s).
Not permitted to be in any another clan(s) while on the roster.
Show fairness and respect to all of your fellow members.
Show loyalty to the staff and the clan as a whole.

× Application ×

Minecraft IGN:
Skype Username:
Recent Clans:
Why do you want to join this clan, and what attribute do you have that will help this clan?:

*Make sure the post above is highly detailed for a better chance of acceptance into this clan*

× The Beginning Roster ×
Current Member Count: 8
Roster Cap: 24
(Subtracting Owners and Present Trial Members)

If a player has an asterisk (*) next to their name, it indicates that they have the "Battle Captain" rank. This rank gives them access to lead Scrimmages and lead Clan Battles, but they can not create Clan Battles without an owner.



darklum3n // Nick

potatosniffer // EJ

xxSPUxx // Spu

TheBossKingHD // Boss

FloppehFeesh // Flop

WATIII // Will

hacksource01 // hacksource

Trial Members:


× Clan Battle Records ×
Current Wins: 12
Current Losses: 7
Postponed Battles:
Battle Scores:

The Beginning vs Luminous --- Beginning [3-0]
The Beginning vs Crimson --- Beginning [5-3]
The Beginning vs Illusive --- Beginning [5-3]
The Beginning vs Exodus --- Beginning [5-3]
The Beginning vs Exodus --- Exodus [3-5]
The Beginning vs Acolytes --- Beginning [5-1]
The Beginning vs Forgotten --- Forgotten [3-1]
The Beginning vs Excel --- Beginning [5-1]
The Beginning vs Insidious --- Beginning [5-3]
The Beginning vs Valhalla --- Valhalla [2-5]
The Beginning vs Derelicta --- Derelicta [0-3]
The Beginning vs Insidious --- Beginning [DQ]
The Beginning vs Tigers --- Beginning [5-1]
The Beginning vs Tigers --- Beginning [5-0]
The Beginning Tigers --- Beginning [5-1]
The Beginning vs Valor --- Valor [3-5]
The Beginning vs Haunted --- Beginning [3-0]
The Beginning vs Protocol --- Protocol [0-5]
The Beginning vs Reflection --- Beginning [5-1]
The Beginning vs Eternity --- Eternity [3-5]

× US Clan Leaderboards ×
Current Ranking: 4th Place
Current Wins: 2
Current Losses: 2
Postponed Battles: 0

The Beginning vs Exodus --- Beginning [3-1]
The Beginning vs Tigers --- Beginning [3-1]
The Beginning vs Trivium --- Trivium [0-3]
The Beginning vs Rebels --- Rebels [1-5]

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Dec 28, 2012
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Second page? xD well good luck! Cheerleader!?
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