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The 8th Official MCGamer Awards - Final results!


District 13
May 15, 2014
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Hello tributes!

Unfortunately, the 8th MCGamer Awards has come to an end. However, we’re proud to announce that this edition's MCGamer Awards was a success! Thank you to everyone who took part in this amazing event. This event wouldn’t have been a success without all the submissions we got.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 8th MCGamer Awards!

Favourite All-Time Administrator
1st. Yannick/yannr00s
2nd. NagolGames
3rd. Col_StaR

Favourite All-Time Developer
1st. Ava
2nd. CAmadeusA
3rd. Rustywolf

Favourite Senior Moderator
1st. ShaiPR7
2nd. Kat
3rd. Frankyy

Favourite Moderator
1st. ThaLichBD
2nd. Axanite
3rd. Sedrazo

Favourite Ex-Moderator
1st. Lemonz87
2nd. GoontherMC
3rd. Exzone

Favourite Ex-Sr.Staff
1st. Ceroria
2nd. Croe97
3rd. treble_maker07

Favourite Large YouTuber
1st. Huahwi
2nd. BiboyQG
3rd. JustAHotDog

Favourite Upcoming YouTuber
1st. Pyr
2nd. Mortalx9000
3rd. Elperrocaliente

Favourite Large Streamer
1st. Danteh
2nd. Huahwi
3rd. BiboyQG

Favourite Builder
1st. Lemonz87
2nd. Mortalx9000
3rd. TheMcPharaoh

Favourite Build Team
1st. Team Elite
2nd. Helix
3rd. Red Forest

Favourite SG Map
1st. Valleyside University
2nd. Alaskan Village
3rd. Par 72

Favourite map which got removed from the network
1st. SG5
2nd. Moonlight Lake
3rd. Fortress Pyke

Favourite Community Event
1st. MCGamer Awards
2nd. Clan league
3rd. Open Mic night

Favourite OMN Singer
1st. Alyssa
2nd. KittyCat
3rd. BellaGamer27

Favourite US Clan
1st. Rebels
2nd. Trilogies
3rd. Exteority

Favourite EU Clan
1st. Phoenix
2nd. Osadia
3rd. Rasclarts

Favourite Clan Leader
1st. Blacklaas
2nd. Austin
3rd. Banterium

Most Skilled PvPer
1st. Huahwi
2nd. BiboyQG
3rd. Gravey4rd

Favourite Forumer/Poster
1st. Ceroria
2nd. Yannick
3rd. Mooclan

Favourite Thread Poster
1st. Ceroria
2nd. Vigilo
3rd. Col_StaR

Favourite VIP
1st. Huahwi
2nd. BiboyQG
3rd. Ceroria

Favourite Map Maker
1st. Lemonz87
2nd. Mortalx9000
3rd. TheMangoTiger

Favourite Community Helper
1st. Ceroria
2nd. Vigilo
3rd. Demonsushi

Most Talented Artist
1st. Vanicle/Vanessa
2nd. _Pyrrhic
3rd. Verelle

Most notable update of the MCGamer history
1st. MCSG V1
2nd. MCSG V2
3rd. MCSG Maker

Favourite MCGamer Memory
1st. MCSG Summer 2013 & 2014
2nd. 1st Win
3rd. Joining a clan

Most Memorable Member
1st. Huahwi
2nd. Leafygreentea
3rd. Gravey4rd

Most wanted gamemode
1st. Matches/Duels (1v1, 2v2 etc.)
2nd. Creative
3rd. Factions

A special thanks to:

[COLOR=#ff0000]Sylnt[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]Sebiix | Sebi[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]TheLastGapple[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]Sedrazo[/COLOR], [COLOR=#b30000]Frankyy[/COLOR], [COLOR=#b30000]Kat[/COLOR] - For making this event run smoothly. This event wouldn’t be possible without each and every single one of you!
[COLOR=#ff0000]Verelle[/COLOR]- For making the amazing and beautiful banners for the winners. They look amazing!

See you at the 9th Official MCGamer Awards scheduled for December/January!


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Aug 20, 2012
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It is, as always, an incredible honor to be nominated for, voted for, and awarded multiple categories. Thanks to all who voted and its incredible to see the effect our actions all have on each other :)

Still disappointed that Vanessa wasn't nominated for an award for her time on the staff team, and that Nephilim couldn't be considered for the admin awards because both of them deserved recognition for their incredible initiative to better MCSG
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Staff member
Sep 22, 2014
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OMG this is so exciting!!!! I really cannot believe I got voted for any of the awards that I did, however I am so grateful for everyone who voted for me, it actually makes me so happy that I am considered one of the best ex- sr mods, out of all the amazing ones that there were. Same as Open Mic Night performer I mean I can't believe I was voted for that, but it still makes me so happy.
However, in this community I think everyone is amazing and does there part to help out and I am so proud of everyone, staff or not, you're all amazing! LOVE YOU FAM <3

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