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The 8th Official MCGamer Awards – Nominations!


District 13
May 15, 2014
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Hello there tributes!

That time has come round again, for us all to select the nominees, for the 8th edition of the MCGamer Awards! So this procedure will be very much the same as the last one, and will be as follows…


The way this round of the MCGamer Awards will work, is as simple as nominations-eliminations-finals. Each of these “set parts” will be run by your votes. The first round being the nomination round, with each round, you can nominate the names of people who you think perfectly fit that category. For each category, the 5 most voted people will be put up to the 2nd round: the elimination round! This is the same concept as the 3rd round, which is also an elimination round. These two rounds will be in separate threads, and will consist of voting for your favourite’s, out of the 5 names that were put forward. The first elimination round, there will be one person eliminated, the second elimination round will be the same, another person will be eliminated from voting. This leads us to the fourth, and final round! The finals will be in a yet another separate thread. In this thread the top 3 nominations will be announced, and you will get the chance to vote on them!


As per usual, there will be prizes for the top 3 nominations, for every award. First place will get a personalized banner, which happens to be colored gold. Second place will also get a personalized banner, which will be colored silver. Then finally, 3rd place will receive a bronze colored banner.


The categories for this awards will be Staff, Media , Buildings & Maps, Events, Clans/PvP, Forums, Other. You can nominate people for these awards on the link under all the categories and awards.


  • Favourite All-time Administrator
  • Favourite All-time Developer
  • Favourite Senior Moderator
  • Favourite Moderator
  • Favourite Ex-Senior Moderator
  • Favourite Ex-Moderator
  • Favourite large YouTuber (20K+ subscribers)
  • Favourite upcoming YouTuber (0-20K subscribers)
  • Favourite large streamer (5K+ followers)
  • Favourite upcoming streamer (0-5K followers)
Building & Maps
  • Favourite Builder
  • Favourite Build Team°
  • Favourite SG Map
  • Favourite map which got removed from the network
  • Favourite Community Event
  • Favourite OMN Performer
  • Favourite US Clan
  • Favourite EU Clan
  • Favourite Clan Leader
  • Most Skilled PvPer
  • Favourite Forumer
  • Favourite Poster
  • Favourite Thread Poster
  • Favourite VIP*
  • Favourite Map Maker*
  • Favourite Community Helper**
  • Most Talented Artist
  • Most notable update in the MCGamer history
  • Favourite MCGamer Memory
  • Most Memorable Member**
  • Most Wanted Gamemode
°You won’t be able to nominate for these categories, since there’s a limited group of people who are qualified. You’ll be able to vote for these in either the 2nd or 3rd round.
*Must be someone with the that rank as their main rank.
**Doesn’t matter whether this is a community member or staff member, both can be nominated.

Happy 8th MCGamer Awards and may the odds be ever in your favour!

~MCGamer Awards Crew
[COLOR=#b30000]Vigilo[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]Sylnt[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]Sedrazo[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]TheLastGapple[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]Sebiix | Sebi[/COLOR]


By participating/voting or being nominated in these awards, you agree to the following rules and regulations, should you choose not to be nominated please approach myself (Vigilo) through a private message on the forums.

The MCGamer staff reserve the right to veto any awards/results, should any drama/flame arise around a specific nominee/award the senior staff will make a decision on whether or not to intervene. Intervening includes but is not limited to: Warnings to specific users, votes edited/removed or even a straight up removal from the event. If any nominee is caught using social media to their advantage to gain more votes (Eg; twitter posts saying “vote for me for best VIP!”), fabricating multiple submissions of the form for extra votes, or swaying public opinions in any way to win an award, they will be immediately removed from nominations, and possibly blacklisted from future MCGamer Awards. This decision is left up to the senior staff, and there is a large moderation team that periodically checks social media for this and many people have been removed from the event for this. Contenders will also be removed if they are portraying a negative image/reputation as well as attacking MCGamer, the Owner, individual staff members or the staff team in general in a public setting. ChadTheDJ, the Administration, the senior staff, myself (Vigilo) and the awards team reserve the right to any and all final decisions in any cases of dispute. These regulations are subject to change at any time without prior notice or announcement. Remember: this isn’t a competition, just an award ceremony!


District 13
May 14, 2015
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Woo the hype is real!
Good luck to everyone!! :laugh: :LOL:


Aug 5, 2014
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"In another age, a battle was fought here"

And that battle was for the return of Creative the fair, the game mode where the good peoples of MCGamer would innovate and build fantastic structures, the likes of which would never be seen again!

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