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Events The 7th Official MCGamer Awards - Final results!


District 13
May 15, 2014
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Hello tributes!

Unfortunately, the 7th Official MCGamer Awards has come to an end. The ceremony we hosted yesterday was a great success, thank you all so much for attending! Over all voting and nominations rounds, we got an unbelievable total of 1662 submissions!

Congratulations to all the amazing winners of the MCGamer Awards!

Favourite Owner
1st. ChadTheDJ - http://imgur.com/NwpUM9d
2nd. Mufasa - http://imgur.com/0LiXaFN
3rd. Simba - http://imgur.com/Tikj5AV

Favourite Administrator
1st. CAmadeusA - http://imgur.com/yAwoal9
2nd. Razzledgirl - http://imgur.com/51iOEi9
3rd. AlpakaWhacker - http://imgur.com/KMVAZYP

Favourite Developer
1st. Devin/Forairan - http://imgur.com/btvTB5z
2nd. subv3rsion - http://imgur.com/VpZ5zGa
3rd. Gideon/DV_Raiton - http://imgur.com/rrQp1k6

Favourite Senior Moderator
1st. Ceroria - http://imgur.com/a7JPPH1
2nd. Yannick/yannr00s - http://imgur.com/M4YcbFc
3rd. ShaiPR7 - http://imgur.com/jALi6cN

Favourite Moderator
1st. Axanite/Liam - http://imgur.com/ORv1qvH
2nd. Techaton - http://imgur.com/RvLzsQv
3rd. Exzone - http://imgur.com/xPygVIN

Favourite Ex-Moderator
1st. Lemonz87 - http://imgur.com/1gTW1M8
2nd. BadgerPig - http://imgur.com/fIHjBOw
3rd. MoLoToV - http://imgur.com/uV05tJZ

Favourite Ex-Sr.Staff
1st. SixZoSeven - http://imgur.com/vo5txIA
2nd. Nephilim - http://imgur.com/YGwoYwr
3rd. croe97 - http://imgur.com/HSMFPg6

Favourite Large YouTuber
1st. Huahwi - http://imgur.com/BJTirSm
2nd. BiboyQG - http://imgur.com/DppsLQo
3rd. JustAHotDog - http://imgur.com/TUGSN2K

Favourite Upcoming YouTuber
1st. cscoop - http://imgur.com/8nLljq3
2nd. UnFuggettable - http://imgur.com/9DOJAc2
3rd. Mortalx9000 - http://imgur.com/iuVDQzv

Favourite Large Streamer
1st. Huahwi - http://imgur.com/g7oy0vX
2nd. ThatOneTomahawk - http://imgur.com/YtT6rmb
3rd. BiboyQG - http://imgur.com/fgTOjb2

Favourite Upcoming Streamer
1st. Solrflares - http://imgur.com/uZfQESe
2rd. ItsAustennn - http://imgur.com/tEfv9Hk
3rd. Life855 - http://imgur.com/XszCx70

Favourite Builder
1st. Lemonz87 - http://imgur.com/vVsJmoY
2nd. Ninetailefox92 - http://imgur.com/M7bQhij
3rd. Mortalx9000 - http://imgur.com/QpbKnot

Favourite Redstoner
1st. SethBling - http://imgur.com/erpJctN
2nd. mfungamer - http://imgur.com/AIJKSgO
3rd. GotCubes - http://imgur.com/wGZK2hR

Favourite Terraformer
1st. Lemonz87 - http://imgur.com/ccgzZ8T
2nd. Sanders - http://imgur.com/mE5uNNa
3rd. KellieBreanne - http://imgur.com/vn8oyvt

Favourite Build Team
1st. Team Elite - http://imgur.com/4ZmiCPN
2nd. Red Forest - http://imgur.com/sbVwAve
3rd. Helix - http://imgur.com/p5UhD8S

Favourite Build Team Leader
1st. Ninetailefox92 - http://imgur.com/oDTeVmZ
2nd. Sanders - http://imgur.com/l5SqloK
3rd. Life855/Dave - http://imgur.com/QoHesYb

Favourite SG Map
1st. Survival Games 4 - http://imgur.com/ZoYxwvs
2nd. Alaskan Village - http://imgur.com/elYSCJP
3rd. Par 72 - http://imgur.com/Mhj63hy

Favourite map which got removed from the network
1st. Wyverns Wake - http://imgur.com/holcrqT
2nd. Freeze Island - http://imgur.com/1JEBlwP
3rd. Fortress Pyke - http://imgur.com/j3yvVQY

Favourite overall gamemode
1st. Survival Games - http://imgur.com/i8spluq
2nd. MCSG Maker - http://imgur.com/nSTxEm2
3rd. SoloSG - http://imgur.com/Dm5rfhh

Favourite non-Survival Game gamemode
1st. Battlegrounds - http://imgur.com/N9VnNvY
2nd. Deadly Descent - http://imgur.com/68NKAGO
3rd. UHC Worlds - http://imgur.com/i25vSgU

Most wanted gamemode
1st. Matched/Duels (1v1,2v2,3v3 etc.) - http://imgur.com/XMUQ4ty
2nd. UHC (hosted) -
3rd. Skywars - http://imgur.com/gXJQEj9

Most wanted MCSG Maker mutation
1st. Tier 3s - http://imgur.com/8c2rB29
2nd. Teams (district teams/friendly fire off) - http://imgur.com/arJqMIp
3rd. Force deathmatch - http://imgur.com/Lovtghb

Favourite Community Event
1st. MCGamer Awards - http://imgur.com/AszYBz2
2nd. Open Mic Night - http://imgur.com/qjhWf5P
3rd. Community Games - http://imgur.com/7GQgTOs

Favourite OMN Singer
1st. Bree_ - http://imgur.com/ucgprvX
2nd. TotalDramaTony - http://imgur.com/2JpfgNa
3rd. BellaGamerYT - http://imgur.com/ODilUy2

Favourite OMN Instrumentalist
1st. TheLastGapple - http://imgur.com/Tx9CQm2
2nd. Shrek - http://imgur.com/K8PF8FF
3rd. _PianoKeys_ - http://imgur.com/zwZpJ4W

Favourite OMN Comedian
1st. TotalDramaTony - http://imgur.com/IUXMHbP
2nd. Giggity69Goo - http://imgur.com/GBUoP0a

Favourite US Clan

1st. Rebels - http://imgur.com/KCGRIRM
2nd. The Predators - http://imgur.com/8sAAU56
3rd. Forgotten - http://imgur.com/koirlcL

Favourite EU Clan
1st. Trivium - http://imgur.com/cUFhgu8
2nd. Phoenix - http://imgur.com/Kz6hzjD
3rd. Rasclarts - http://imgur.com/6HHXCJ4

Favourite AU Clan
1st. Phoenix - http://imgur.com/QdvJR8W
2nd. Apex - http://imgur.com/M74pFHa
3rd. Philosophy - http://imgur.com/ggofYnW

Favourite Clan Leader
1st. MaxyPie - http://imgur.com/oDnbZen
2nd. Blacklaas - http://imgur.com/6ORNeBo
3rd. TheStealthyGamer - http://imgur.com/OTXeZhi
Most Skilled PvPer
1st. Ryska - http://imgur.com/MVGDS6W
2nd. darkrai202 - http://imgur.com/jS1D84o
3rd. jonnysurvives - http://imgur.com/O3iP47X

Favourite Forumer
1st. Ceroria - http://imgur.com/Mg4MI8F
2nd. Yannick - http://imgur.com/BI3h7nQ
3rd. Getix - http://imgur.com/oJrcUwk

Favourite Poster
1st. Ceroria - http://imgur.com/S1LD87A
2nd. Yannick - http://imgur.com/L7qIQCW
3rd. MoLoToV - http://imgur.com/RjYjF6t

Favourite Thread Poster
1st. Chadthedj- http://imgur.com/EUkPyTB
2nd. Ceroria - http://imgur.com/fl52XDl
3rd. Vigilo - http://imgur.com/0sGDm8l

Favourite VIP
1st. Vanessa - http://imgur.com/xgCgdai
2nd. Nephilim - http://imgur.com/24bdW6C
3rd. Life855/Dave - http://imgur.com/7Kd7mZ3

Favourite Map Maker
1st. Lemonz87 - http://imgur.com/dMXR9D5
2nd. Mortalx9000 - http://imgur.com/HogLgVU
3rd. TheMangoTiger - http://imgur.com/rEbZBST

Favourite Cat
1st. Kat (Sr.Mod) - http://imgur.com/gveczub
2nd. Mufasa - http://imgur.com/cheo90y
3rd. TheMangoTiger - http://imgur.com/fmPkcWi

Favourite Community Helper
1st. Ceroria - http://imgur.com/KiuZgVi
2nd. ShaiPR7 - http://imgur.com/Mk8oqoz
3rd. Vigilo - http://imgur.com/iT4W1Cg

Most Talented Artist
1st. FinsGraphics - http://imgur.com/z2l3mRh
2nd. Vanessa/Vanicle - http://imgur.com/TjUhMRa
3rd. _Pyrrhic - http://imgur.com/IvOIUxD

Most Notable Event
MCSG V1 - http://imgur.com/h5tRhNO
MCSG V2 - http://imgur.com/8bCS6ZF
Release MCSG Maker - http://imgur.com/W4hI7Gp

Favourite MCGamer Memory
1st. First win - http://imgur.com/0YTbq0M
2nd. Joining a clan - http://imgur.com/dWM033Y
3rd. Becoming staff - http://imgur.com/PXev6sX

Favourite OTP (One True Pairing)
1st. Vanessa and croe97 - #Vanicroe - http://imgur.com/5Hplouz
2nd. Vigilo and Yannick (Yannisha) - #Viginisha - http://imgur.com/6Pc3IOw
3rd. William and Athenaa - #Willena - http://imgur.com/VhW5nDZ

Most wanted server location
1st. United States - East Coast - http://imgur.com/WkMbeG0
2nd. South America - http://imgur.com/5qs2P0j
3rd. Turkey - http://imgur.com/fyBd6yH

Most Memorable Member
1st. LeafyGreenTea - http://imgur.com/jqgCXkQ
2nd. Huahwi - http://imgur.com/mcuJmhi
3rd. Gravey4rd - http://imgur.com/FuLXBrl

Event suggestions

We are always looking into improving our events. Here you can leave your suggestion for the MCGamer Awards: http://tinyurl.com/MCGAsuggestions Thank you in advance!

A special thanks to:

Nick - for organizing many other editions of the MCGamer Awards
Yannick - for helping with this event
_Pyrrhic - for helping with this event
Giggums - for hosting the ceremony and for making the banner design
Ceroria - for hosting the ceremony

See you at the 8th Official MCGamer Awards scheduled for June/Juli!

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Apr 6, 2014
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O.M.G. This is amazing, and I am proud to see Helix up there with their name glowing in bronze! Well done to everyone else, we did amazingly. <3

EDIT: Oh look at this!!? The Helix banner. :D
You guys don't know how proud I am to wear this banner to represent team Helix. Thank you to everyone for the support, and Sanders is probably the most fabulous team leader in mah heart. <3 <3 <3


May 2, 2013
Reaction score
Yay congrats to everyone who made it to the top 3 and especially congrats to all the winners :D

TYSM to anyone who voted for me, I've never made the top 5 in any previous mcgamer awards so to get 3rd in best cat and best mapmaker is awesome aw:X3: :3:love:

also i had to delete a post so i could reply #commitment

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