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Staying in touch :)


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Aug 19, 2012
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(No, I don't use Discord this zoomed in.)

Despite not having been posted on the website, Chad has announced on Discord that MCSG is shutting down again, and the Discord has been turned to Read-Only in advance (except for staff).

I'd like to take the time that we have before the website turns to read-only to talk about something that I felt was inadequately addressed last time - staying in touch without the platform. That was when we had TeamSpeak. In my case, pretty soon after MCSG shut down, I mostly* lost contact with all but a small group of MCSG friends.
Everyone here saw what a massive surge of people answered the original call of an MCSG reboot half a year ago, and lots of old friends reconnected.
Now, fortunately, we have a more modern and user-friendly platform than Skype, and something more comprehensive than TeamSpeak, in the form of Discord. This allows more of us to stay in touch and continue to have access to voice chats.

I'd like to encourage everyone to begin adding people to their Friends list, and finding independently-managed Discord servers on which to stay in touch, or finding alternative methods of communication like social media.

In 2016, a lot of the community was still young. Now, more than three years later, I'm a lot more open to adding people on my regular social media, and I find that this is the same for a lot of other people. (Hell, many of us [myself included] have flown places to see our MCSG friends.) Maybe this will help people stay in touch. I certainly would cherish the ability to remain connected to my friends :)

For the time being, I won't directly post Discord server invite links unless I get the OK from staff members, but I'd like to make mention of a couple of Discord servers/communities that I know of which can be considered offshoots of MCSG. Staff, please read my advertising disclaimer below.

If you want an invite link to any of these, PM me.
And if the forums shut down, you can reach me on Twitter: @AlexanderEmmeth

MCSG Reunion - Global - A large portion of the core MCSG community hangs out here currently. Includes legacy (staff/donor) ranks. 250+ and quickly growing
EU Represent - European branch for MCSG. 45+ members.
Cuba Chat - Clans. I think it's North American. #CubaChat. 100+ members. I don't have invite permissions but wanted to mention it anyway.
TechnoTundra - North America - Old mods and players. Lots of League of Legends and college students. 25+ members
Casual MCSG'ers - If you know, you know. Old group of forumers.
The Keys - My own personal Discord, with a mix of MCSG/IRL friends. :D Shameless plug.

Feel free to mention other Discords and I can add them to the list :) I know there's a lot out there! Or if you manage any of these Discords and want them removed, just let me know.
And if you were keeping them a secret... lol sorry xd

Advertising Disclaimer: I realize that there is a rule against advertising other communities, but please consider the following points before taking action:

  • MCSG is no longer accepting donations, meaning competition is irrelevant to the server.
  • This isn't really "advertising" so much as publicizing good ways to stay in touch.
  • The rule says "Don't post links to...Discord servers". As long as I don't post links, I'm clear. (But consider giving me approval to do so?)

OK, that's all I wanted to say.
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Sep 22, 2014
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I run the MCGamer reunion discord mentioned!! So if anyone wants an invite you can PM me as well! Or message on discord alyssa#4410