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Some feedback


May 11, 2012
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I'm extremely stoked for MCSG to be back online, especially in the current situation. Just thought I would share some feedback my friends, some other players and myself have after returning.
My issue is with a couple players every day/night who are blatantly hacking, meaning eating while sprinting, kill aura, running boost and such. After multiple /reports nothing is done and the same player is playing again in the next lobby. Sometimes they get kicked, presumably by the anti-cheat, but they just re-join the next lobby and game. It's almost as if no staff are ever online.
Otherwise I can't fault the return. So glad to be playing MCSG again, hopefully these minor inconveniences are addressed.


May 3, 2014
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I assume you haven’t heard the news, but as of January 21st, MCSG has been in a shutdown process.

As such, you may notice a decreased staff presence. However, you are still welcome to contact mods through the reporting system, or through DMs on Discord (our Discord server is still technically up, but all chats and voice channels have been removed). Just keep in mind that due to the current circumstances, there may not always be someone available to respond.