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Phoenix - AU Clan

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Oct 1, 2014
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Welcome to Phoenix
Phoenix is the current #1 Australian MCSG clan and was originally founded on the 29th of March 2013. We're a clan of professional MCSG players who strive to become the best. We have incredibly high standards on who we accept and therefore we choose our members carefully. If you feel you want to get to know us better please feel free to join our teamspeak.

Teamspeak IP: phoenix.teamspeak3.com

• About us •

Clan created: March the 29th of 2013.
Clan Battles won: 1
Clan battles lost: 23
Founders: Darkrai202, Billabongboy98 & Kytria
Application Status: Written Application

• Requirements •

• Over 600 wins
• A good quality microphone
• Access to Skype and Teamspeak3
• Accept higher-ups orders.


• Application •

Minecraft IGN:
Written Paragraph of why you would benefit Phoenix:

(For the written application, detail is appreciated. It's your call on what you want to include in the application.)

• Phoenix Staff Ranks •

Leader: The current owner of the clan.
Co-Leader: Assists the leader within decisions and outranks officers.
Officers: Authority over members and scrim organisers.

• Phoenix Win Ranks •

Immortal: 1500+ wins
Legendary: 1000+ wins
Titans: 800+ wins
Member: 600+ wins

Note of course that exceptions based on skill can bypass the win requirement system. If you believe you deserve an exception, prove it to us.

• Phoenix Members •


Name: Darkrai202
Rank: Leader
Win-Rank: Immortal

Name: Snochet65
Rank: Co-Leader
Win-Rank: Immortal

Name: Kytria
Rank: Officer
Win-Rank: Legend

Immortal - (1500+)
• Darkrai202 | DJ Darkrai
• Snochet65 | Rocky's babe
• RobertGoodwin | RobertPingwin
• Blakew447 | Commentator
• Stigjam89 | Stigasian
• Notverified | pat

Legend - (1000+)
• Kytria | 'Murican Mike | Menacing Mike
• Jordstar3479 |1 bar Jordstar
• Mustyleaf4 | Musty
• Topgear72 | Jap
• LeFamily | ping

Titan - (800+)
• Kaine17 | Kanye West
• Fluffles19 | Fruit Loops
• Attention_Seeker | More Kiwis

Members - (600+)
• Amooseman3 | Kiwi


• Clan War Application •
Clan Name:
What player preferences would you use (4v4, 5v5, etc):
Clan Thread:
Skype Name:
Additional Information:

• Clan War Rules •
(Upon entering a clan battle with Phoenix means you agree to these terms)

1) The only spectators allowed from either clans are the members who participated in the corresponding battle. If other players from the clan join they have exactly 30 seconds to leave.
2) We will only participate in 4v4's and 5v5's unless directly necessary to do otherwise.
3) Each clan is allowed to use one postponement which is one week minimum.
4) Alternate accounts used to benefit your side are not allowed.
5) MCGamer rules apply, depending on the severity of the rule a corresponding punishment will be put in place.
6) Neither clan is allowed to use sponsored items, nor sponsor the other team items.
7) A crash in pre-game results in a re-do, a crash in-game counts as the player dying.
8) DDoSing players are not allowed, higher consequences than being DQ'd will definitely be applied.
9) Each clan takes turns in picking maps, however the map pool must be chosen from the following;
  • Survival Games 4
  • Valleyside
  • Holiday Resort
  • Chernobyl 2015
  • SG Ancient Japan
  • Fortress Pyke
  • SG Highway
  • Avaricia
  • Icarus
  • Moonbase 9
  • Teweran Survival Games 1: Howling Abyss
  • The Fallen Empire

More maps are welcome to be suggested, these are merely the maps that we have found to be the best for clan battles and allows you to prepare as well as us instead of playing random maps on the spot.


• Clan War Results •
| Won: 1 | Lost: 23 |

Phoenix vs Unique: Lost 0-1
Phoenix vs Pegasus: Lost 1-4
Phoenix vs Ignite: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Undead: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Eagles: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Alpha: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Cyber: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs NuggetZ: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Pulse: Lost 0-5
Phoenix vs Blitz: Lost 1-3
Phoenix vs TheBlade: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Galaxies: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Murky: Lost 1-3
Phoenix vs Nekk: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Collide: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs CleanUpCrew: Lost 0-5
Phoenix vs Vape: Won 5-0

• AU Tournament S1 •
• Cancelled •
Phoenix vs Cyber: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs RiZe: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Precision: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs NuggetZ: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Apex: Cancelled

• AU Tournament S2 •
• Lost •
Phoenix vs M-Force: Lost 0-3
Phoenix vs Envy: Lost 1-3
Phoenix vs Apex: Lost 1-3
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hi im ronan
Apr 1, 2016
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Best of luck Bro


Aug 15, 2015
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whats up guys newest member of AU Phoenix Quackeryy here!
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Oct 31, 2019
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+rep this clan has a bright future
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Community Engagement & Mapping Team Representative
May 31, 2013
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Locking the thread as this isn't the offical clan. DM me for more clarification if needed.
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