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Oldschool club


May 5, 2013
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This is some oldschool peps, so whats happening? Am I late to the party?


f the staff except blake
Jun 18, 2012
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oldest in the mf room


Forum God
Aug 19, 2012
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Chad just announced server's shutting down...again...in April

(Posting this info for other people as well - if you want Discord links just PM me or hunt me down on Twitter, @AlexanderEmmeth if the forums shut down.)

The Discord server was live from July or so, really kicked off in August. Couple of days ago there was (apparently?) a tweet from Chad announcing shutdown, but it was deleted and the process has been messy. But yes, the Discord is effectively shutdown/crippled (intentionally) and the developers (reportedly) have not been active in 3-4 weeks.

The game server will be kept up until the last donor rank expires, I guess? Further ranks cannot be purchased.

If you're interested in keeping up with the community, I suggest finding an offshoot Discord. There are a large number that have sprung up, both of the Clan and General Community variant.

If you're interested in clans, I suggest "Cuba Chat". Ask around and see if anyone tosses a link.

If you're looking for keeping up with the general community, there's a Discord that sprung up before MCSG came back, and it was semi-officially recognized by Chad (I think he gave out VIP ranks to the hosts). It's called MCSG Reunion, PM me and I can toss you a link. Initiated by Alyssa and friendly towards all regions. About ~300 users.
There's another community Discord that is European-specific, called "EU Rep". I can also link that one if you want. About ~45 users but you may know more of them, lots of ex-staff.

(Just not posting the links publicly here)

And, shameless plug, I also have a Discord server with a mix of IRL and online/MCSG friends. Very friendly community! :)

@ Staff who may consider deleting this post for advertising: This is not generating competition, as the server is about to shut down AND not accepting further donations. Also I'm not advertising a game server.
Maybe I'll repost all this on a thread.

Edit: I've posted a thread.
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