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My first suggestion: Make MCGN Great Again!


Jul 29, 2016
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Hi guys!

I come to give my first suggestion for this great server that over time been falling but with the help of all of us can improve ! Note that in the hub there are 3 areas that say "Coming Soon" . I suggest that one of these include an arena for 1v1 duels , that many users would call practicing! Also they go solving problems anticheat because it pulls people who are not cheaters , and improve hackers to Kill Aura , Speed , sprint, criticals , Antinotback etc. So as I did this post I hope others will support and make suggestions for what they deem necessary for the server. Besides that a future upgrade variants SOLO be removed because eventually people stopped play.

Also add more maps to Skywars and redeploy old maps as Life Cova Survival Games , Survival Games Teweran 3: Futuristic City, and other maps of 48 and 120 players!

Having an automated section uhc , a UHC to make your own friends, and one for Hosted UHC

Thanks for reading hope take take it into account.

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