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Monitor and Keyboard


Jul 25, 2014
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Hey guys!
So, as of recently, I've been playing on a Mac :/ I know. It sucks. My gaming PC broke due to my cousins knocking over my tower.

So, I have a bit of extra cash as of recently, and Im thinking of getting a new keyboard (i'm tired of this mac one), and a gaming monitor. I don't play any other games right now besides MC. So it doesn't have to be "Insane". Just something thats somewhat affordable, and will work really well with my mac.

For the keyboard i'm thinking of getting a razer since I really enjoy the products they produce, and I really love mechanical keyboards. I've been looking at the razer DeathStalker Chroma becuase its a bit cheaper than the others. (I dont see it going over well if I buy a $200 keyboard. my dad will flip). I know a lot of people use the Razer Blackwidow so Im not too sure.

Any help/suggestions would be great! Keep in mind Im not trying to spend a fortune!



Aug 11, 2013
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You don't need a gaming monitor for minecraft .-.

For Keyboard don't waste your money on a DeathStalker.
It's cheap and not mechanical. The BlackWidow is alright but overall risky. The amount of glitches it can have is remarkable and I wouldn't risk it as it is plastic and really loud and clicky. I would go along the lines of a Corsair k70, or k65. I'd look into the CM storm quick fire (I think that's what it's called).

Hopefully I could help and if you need some help or anything PM me since I either own or have a friend who owns one of those.