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MCSG Maker Suggestions


Oct 14, 2013
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EDIT: I had no idea there was already a section for MCSG Maker on the forums when I posted this, so I'd appreciate if a staff member could move it there for me (since I can't)

I just have a few ideas that I'd love to see implemented into this gamemode. I know it's still very new and a lot of things are going to be added, but I'm still going to make this. Over time I'll add more stuff when I think of it.

-First of all, I'd like to see the maps from the 48 (and 120) player servers available to play. Since it's pretty much impossible to get enough people in a 48 or 120 server to get a game going, it would be nice to be able to play some of those maps again in MCSG Maker.

-Also, we should be able to choose how many people the game goes into deathmatch with. For example, if I were just doing a 1v1 in a MCSG Maker game with a friend, it wouldn't be able to last more than 1 minute because once the game starts it automatically goes to deathmatch because there's less than 3 people. So, it would be useful to be able to control that, and plus it would be cool to have, say, a 10 person deathmatch.

-Thirdly, I think a cool idea would be being able to control the minimum and maximum amount of items you can get in a chest. For example, if I wanted to play a game where everyone was completely stacked, I'd have the minimum items be 10 and the maximum be 20 items. Or, if I wanted a game where it was tough to find gear, I'd have the minimum be 1 and the maximum be 3 or something. I'm not sure if this is possible considering I know absolutely nothing about coding in Minecraft, but I would think that it is, and if so I think that this would be good to have in MCSG Maker as well.

-There should be an option to have the old MCSG chests (from MCSGv1 in 2012)

-There should be an option to control whether there can be sponsoring or not.

Again, I'll add more ideas when I think of them. Tell me what ya think of what I've got so far.
I agree with everything.
I'm actually really hyped for this MCSG Maker thing - it might make Minecraft interesting again


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Jul 13, 2012
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- I really like the idea of having maps from other sized servers, and maybe you could even set it up so that if its like Huahwi or something streaming he could set it to a 120 game for all his fans. There's some good maps in the 48's that never get played so I'd enjoy that.

- The deathmatch idea is great as well. It's frustrating when its a 5 person game and a few people die early and everyone is in DM with nothing. That's not fun at all! This idea is the perfect solution.

- This is good as well, but I dont want to think about how long it would take for that to get coded. It could be a simple fix, or it could take a few months. Either way it'd be a cool twist on chest tiering.

- This would make me jump for joy. It would also make me shut up about re-adding SGC, which I'm sure the Sr. Staff are waiting for the day I give it up.

- This should be an easy addition, and would be good for hosting CB's or events where sponsoring isnt allowed.

I really like the ideas, and none of them really seem unrealistic, so I hope to see them taken into consideration!

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