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Events MCGamer Valentine's Day Event 2016!


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May 29, 2013
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Hello members of the community! Today, I am here to announce the second annual MCGamer Valentine’s Day event!

This year’s Valentine’s Event will take place on a new map built by Helix specifically for this event. This map will feature many fun mini-games included: things such as a parkour courses (three of them), a boat race, a maze, and much more! Attending and participating in this special Valentine’s day event will give you a chance to win some prizes!

Don’t worry! We did not forget about EU/AU. This year, the server will be up for two extra days. We have hidden thirty heads around the map. You need to find twenty of those heads and take a screenshot with the coordinates; once you are done you would have to send me (Yannick ) a DM on the forums with proof that you have found at least twenty of the thirty hidden heads. Everyone that has completed this scavenger hunt will receive a forum medal. This way people that sadly could not make it to the event could still participate in some events and be able to earn prizes.

To join the server you would have to log onto the US Network and type /join Valentines. This will warp you to this years Valentine's Day event server! The server will be closing on the 16th of February at 12:00 AM EST.

There will also be a teamspeak channel open during the event. When you come onto the teamspeak, you’re free to join the channel and listen to music or the hosts talk and more. It’s highly suggested that you come along and join us to be part of this fun event.

Time and Date
This year’s Valentine’s Event will take place on February 13th at 6PM EST. You can find a time conversion link here:

Best couple voting
With the release of this thread you guys can nominate players for the “best couple” competition. The top 3 pairings with the most votes will be put in an in-game voting system, accessible with the command: /vote. Players can then vote and the pair with the most votes will win the “best couple” competition.

Link to nominate: http://goo.gl/forms/zZY7WGcWgG
(Thank you for setting it up Giggums)

Skin Competition
During the course of this event, we will also be holding a Valentine’s Day themed Skin Competition! We hope to see loads of original and creative skins. You can enter the skin competition by yourself, or with a friend! At a designated point during the event, we will announce that everyone who wishes to participate in the competition will need to go to a specific part on the map.

Everyone loves prizes. This year we have two new medals made by the amazing _Pyrrhic

These are the two medals made by _Pyrrhic. The one on the left will be awarded to everyone that attends the event. The one on the right will be awarded to everyone that has completed one of the mini-games or scavenger hunt.
Along with that, completing one of the mini-games will put you into a raffle for a chance to win a temporary Diamond Donor rank.

See you all there!
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