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MCGamer Global Clan Rules

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May 31, 2013
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The MCGamer Official Global Clan Rules
Written by Nick, CAmadeusA, Col. StaR, and Soul
with the help of the Clan Community.

Format and content edited by Ceroria.

Further maintained by Narwhal & Techaton.

In order for a clan to be supported by MCGamer/Clan Moderation Staff, clans are expected to follow all the rules stated below. Failure to do so will result in no assistance from Clan Staff in case of dispute. The Administration reserves the right to change these rules at any given time and reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes or disagreements. Please note that even if you do not accept the rules, in order for a clan to operate on our system, you are expected to follow the rules regardless.

The General Rules:

1. All members of all clans and clan members are expected to abide by the MCGamer rules (found here).
  • If members are found to be breaking any of the MCGamer rules, they will be dealt with according to the MCGamer staff’s policies. Further punishment may be incurred according to the MCGamer Global Clan Rules’ policies.

2. All clans and clan members are expected to respect the authority of the MCGamer staff, clan staff team, and clan leaders. However, abuse of power should be reported to a higher authority for proper punishments.
  • In large-scale decisions in the clan community, the MCGamer Administration reserves the right to have the final say in all decisions. However, they are expected to hear the statements from prominent clan leaders & clan staff as necessary.
  • Please be mindful of the differences between general MCGamer moderators and clan staff moderators. General moderators are run-of-the-mill mods who are not trained nor have volunteered with the clan staff, so it is not their place to be involved in clan matters. The clan staff is a team of dedicated MCG staff members who are trained and experienced in clan matters, and thus are expected to attend to clan matters. If you have a clan-related issue, please take it to a clan staff moderator, not a general moderator.
3. All clans have a right to exist, but being officially recognized by the MCG Staff and other clans is a privilege that must be maintained.
  • Clan recognition is maintained by good behavior, obeying the rules, and keeping your clan and its members out of trouble.
  • Should a clan or individual members fail to maintain that privilege, and thus subject themselves to unruly behavior, they submit themselves and their clan to scrutiny and further punishments on behalf of their actions.
4. Clans are expected to be kind and courteous to each other at all times in all platforms (including third party platforms such as Skype and Twitter). Clans should also be respectful to the general non-clan public as well. At the very least, clans should be appropriate and inoffensive in a public setting.
  • Users experiencing brash behavior, such as insults, harassment, or excessive trash talking, should report it to a member of clan staff. Upon approval, punishment may be doled out against the offending clan.
  • Should a clan or a clan member become offensive during a clan match, on a clan platform, or on behalf of a clan, that clan will be scrutinized and may be punished.
  • If the offense comes from a clan member but is not associated with a clan matter, then the user should be punished as a normal user.
5. Clans are expected to behave in an honest, sportsmanlike manner. Sincerity, in both victory and defeat, should be upheld among all clans and clan members.
  • Clans that are found to lie about their wins or losses will be subject to punishment.
  • It is strongly encouraged that clans post all results of clan battles on their threads, whether they win or lose. Refusing to post losses may lose respect among a clan in the community, and can lead to other clans not wanting to participate in battles against said clan.
6. Drama should not be turned into a public spectacle. Disagreements are bound to occur, but they should be handled privately within the MCGamer Forums or TeamSpeak.
  • If the drama continues to garner unneeded attention, or if it is prolonged for an undue amount of time, the offending party/parties may be punished.
  • Clan staff should be open to settling disputes as impartial third party mediators. In the event that they are called in, they have consensual authority, so their word goes.
  • In extreme cases where clan issues are spreading beyond the clan community and is affecting the harmony and well being of the network as a whole, the Administration reserves the right to disband and remove any clan or clans that are found to be responsible for such unrest. A vote amongst the Administration & senior staff will be required before any disbanding action is taken against a clan for such matters.
7. Any stated threats, even jokingly, will be treated as serious threats in accordance to MCGamer’s policies. Interpretation ultimately lies with the attending staff member, but general policy is to take such statements in absolute seriousness.
  • Any threats or claims of hacking will be taken seriously and punished.
  • Any threats or claims of infiltrating clan battles will be taken seriously and punished.
  • Any threats or claims of a DDoS attack will be taken very seriously, and will likely result in an immediate permanent ban along with further action against the associated clan itself.
8. All clans have a right to their original clan names. If a clan is created that uses the name of an existing clan, the first clan to have the name (given the clan is still running) may officially request for the other clan to change their name. If the second clan refuses to change their name, the Clan Staff team will be involved, and the result could be a loss of the thread and name.
9. All staff members, team members, and clan members should remember that Minecraft Survival Games is a game that is meant for friendly competition. Everyone is here to have fun by playing against others in a test of skill and luck. Losing sight of this perspective, or misconstruing it to the detriment of yourself and/or others, is behavior that is unfit for this community.

If you have any questions, please contact Narwhal or Techaton (head of clan staff). You may contact Narwhal or Techaton via PM on the forums or through an email ([email protected]/[email protected])

Clan Battle Rules
All general rules apply for all aspects of clan battles as well.

Challenging and Planning:

Should the clans accept the challenge, agreements must be made regarding several key topics prior to the battle. A clan match cannot start until both sides clearly consent to the rules being stated​
  • Examples of agreements that must always be given:
    • Time, Date of Battle
    • How many people are on each team
    • Number of Games to be Played Total
    • What map(s) to play on (unless both clans are willing to play whichever map is on rotation)
    • Roster of players
  • Examples of additional agreements to be considered:
    • Region to play.
    • Spectating rules
    • Variations of minor gameplay mechanics
  • In order to prevent possible drama or disagreements, it is advisable that both parties take picture evidence of the rules being consented to.
  • Members need to be in the clan for at least 24 hours before being able to battle.
  • Trial Members are allowed to play in Official Clan Battles.
  • There will be no use of accounts that are shared between members that are on separate teams.
Ex. If Soulv2 [Forgotten] used Ketsiaa [Rebel] in order to play a part in a Rebels vs ??? battle.​
  • In compliance with MCGamer rules, no banned players will be allowed to participate in clan battles. No alternative accounts will be allowed to enable banned players to play.
  • Upon reaching the scheduled time and date for the clan battle, both clans are expected to be fully ready and prepared to conduct their battle.
    • The clan battle should occur so long as the agreed conditions to the clan battle can be met; so long there are a sufficient number of players, games to be played, and agreed-upon maps available, the clan battle can occur.
    • The clan battle officially begins once the first game is able to occur. This means that once the necessary conditions for a game are met, clan members can agree on a map and search for servers.
  • Both teams must agree to a map before playing each round. If either team does not agree to a map currently on the map list, then both teams must leave the lobby. Teams won't be penalized for this unless problems occur after pre-game, or in-game.
  • If a team has non-donors, that team will be the team finding the server. It will not be efficient for the other team to find it due to the fact that it will probably become full by the time they contact the opposite team.
  • Once a lobby has entered into pre-game, the match will be officially in motion, EXCEPT in the case which a team is represented by a disadvantage in lobby and has taken this disadvantage into pre-game. In this case scenario, the disadvantaged team will be allowed to pull out of the server DURING pre-game to redo the round. If the disadvantaged team does not pull out after pre-game, the round must go on.
  • All MCGamer rules apply.
  • All games must be on MCSG.
  • All games must be the first to three rounds won (best of five).
  • All games must be 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, or 8v8, depending on the previous agreement.
  • Clan members may only interact with other clan members, with the exception being fighting random players or those on the opposing team.
  • If any rules are broken to the point of a player being banned, the clan will be disqualified and a 5-0 DQ may be posted on the opposing clans thread.
  • Use of any of the illegal weapons or items found in a map will cause an instant disqualification. If a player kills a player and obtains the items in question, they must burn the items immediately. No using OP items, such as potions, items from dispensers, etc.
    • The Stone Sword Tree in Valleyside University is NOT allowed.
    • As stated above, if a player drops connection (client-side) or crashes during the game, it will be as if someone has died.
    • A redo will be authorized if several players (i.e. more than 3) in that match drop at the same time. This suggests a major server connectivity issue that is not a player’s fault.
    • Random players must be taken into account as an ever-present element in the games. If a clan member were to die from a random, then it will count as if the opposing team has killed that specific person.
  • If a random hacker is present in the game, both teams shall identify and record the hacker.
  • If the hacker injures or kills one or more members of either clan, then the game will not apply and a redo will be called.
  • If the hacker is killed, kicked, or disconnected before interacting with any clan members, then the game can continue as expected.
  • No allying with players not included in either team or a player on the opposite team.
  • Ghost killing is allowed due to the fact that it's uncontrollable and is a client-side error, meaning that it is technically the fault of the player and their connection, not the server.
Postponements, Redo’s, and Forfeit conditions
  • Both clans will have a 30-minute food break each. This will not affect the eligibility of postponement

  • Both clans are entitled to one 48 hour postponement but must first agree on the time and day they will finish the battle.
  • As stated above, if a player drops connection (client-side) or crashes during the game, it will be as if someone has died.
  • A redo will be authorized if several players (i.e. more than 3) in that match drop at the same time. This suggests a major server connectivity issue that is not a player’s fault.
  • If a clan member is banned during a clan battle, the banned user’s clan forfeits the match.
  • If the user posts a ban dispute and they are successfully unbanned, the forfeit is revoked and the match continues.
Spectating, Reporting, and Refereeing
  • By default, spectating is allowed.
    • If both clans make an agreement that spectating is not allowed: once someone has died, that person must leave the game. That person is not allowed to tell where anyone is or sponsor whilst dead and in the game.
    • As stated above, even if spectating is agreed to be disallowed, spectating is generally authorized for reporting a hacking player who has interfered with the clan battle by attacking either clan’s members, a player may only spectate said hacker with approval of the other clan, or they can contact a moderator to determine if the player is hacking.
  • Referees, either from the Clan Staff Team must be present to watch over any official clan battles that will be recorded on the clan's record. Scrimmages are not official and are usually done for fun or practice, so they do not require referees nor will the outcome be recorded on the clan's record.
  • If one or both clans participating in the clan battle has an MCGamer staff member as a participating player in the battle, they are not required to have an MCGamer staff member spectating them. Any rulings made in the battle must be done by a senior member of clan staff.
  • After the conclusion of the matches, the clan leaders should post the clan battle results on their respective clan scoreboards. These results should be accurate to the events and final scores of the matches played.
  • No flame whatsoever. This includes clan threads and in-game.
  • If there are any problems, please direct them to a member of clan staff member.
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