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Map updates


Aug 9, 2012
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Hello Tributes! This thread will be a small informative piece on the map updates that have shown up or will be showing up over the next few days.

This month we wanted to focus on some community favourites and addressing some community issues by removing three problematic maps.

Added maps:

Zone 85 (24)
Haruka (24)
Dracarys (24, 48, 120)​

Removed maps:

Memory of Earth​

We’re looking to hold more public map meetings, one being shortly after this update! So we’re going to select a time and invite you guys in to vocally pitch maps to us, talk about maps and ask questions. Please keep an eye out for a post about the event.

If you want to suggest a map in the meantime, you can email [email protected].

If you have any concerns about the new choices, map faults or anything map related don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or a senior builder. If its a game breaking glitch we need to know immediately, preferably with coordinates if applicable.

Thankyou to the moderators and their friends who came in to test the three new maps before their release!

I would also like to thank LadyOfLove for helping me set up the maps and write this thread.

Recent map Fixes:

Breeze Island - Corn Fix - Tier 2’s!

Survival Games 4 - Plane tier 2 reinstated.

Alaskan Village - Tiering fixed. Thanks wronsiski for the help.

Thank you for reading this post! Remember, feel free to ask questions. That’s all for now!

- Dave / Life855

Head Builder



District 13
Mar 30, 2014
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I enjoyed playing the new maps! They all are extremely fun maps that the community should enjoy. :)