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Kithex Build Team [Paid Positions]


Feb 20, 2015
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Every block in Minecraft has a purpose. We find out what that is.

Hello and welcome to the Kithex Build Team thread! Kithex is a unique build team founded by KitMencha & LuthexColbark in 2012. Since 2012, Kithex has underwent many changes till its point today. We aren't just a build team, we're a family. We are a tight-nit group of individuals who try to challenge ourselves and bring new innovation into the art of building, terraforming and redstoning.

Server IP: build.kithex.com
TeamSpeak: ts.kithex.com
Twitter: @TheKithexTeam
Facebook: /Kithex
Skype: kithexbuildteam

Leader - The founder and owner of Kithex and its funds, KitMencha. The Leader reserves the right of final say in regards to the team, its management and funds.

Admin - The Leader's right hand men and women who help make key decisions for the future of Kithex, our projects and the team. When the Leader is not around, they are in charge. They are trusted with access to important documents, panels and server files. They are the administrators of the team.

Developer/Server Operator - The people who run the server. The Server Operators are there to help out with configuring plugins, setting up portals, exporting worlds. They are very important to our team as without them, there would be no builds. They have the same jurisdiction as the Admins.

Mod - Mods keep the team in line and make sure that the team members are following rules and are on task when needed. Each Mod has a designated task within the management and operation of the team. They help give us status reports on projects and help out with running activity checks on the builders. Mods also review applications and host build sessions.

Specialist - Specialist is the rank following Architect+. These team members assist Mods by leading small teams during build sessions as well assist the Kithex staff team in coordinating sessions.

Architect+ - Architect+ is the rank given to Architects (See below) once they have proven to be an elite member of the team in regards to building skill, but also the ability to work in a team, working attitude. Architects are also rewarded through real money depending on the amount of work done on commissioned builds.

Architect - Architects aren't just people who build maps. They are thinkers, planners and crafters of masterpieces. Not just a construction workers. Hence why we call our builders, Architects, as they are more than just "builders". Here at Kithex we do not separate people according to Terraformer, Builder, Redstoner, etc. We want our builders to feel a part of a team but not categorised. We allow all Architects access to World Edit & Voxel Sniper. I mean, how can you terraform, without Voxel Sniper, right?

How Can I Join?


Kithex is a high standard build team aiming to achieve the best quality builds. As such to join the team you need to apply. The application process intends to reveal your personality as well as touch base on your building capabilities. Your building skills will be tested in the Trial stage where you will be given a plot where you have to demonstrate your skills.

To apply, please click on the link below for the application form.

Before you apply you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a working microphone.
  • Have not had a ban on MCGamer in over a year.
  • The ability to use TeamSpeak.
  • The ability to work as a team.
  • You must be at least 12 years of age.
  • Good communication skills.

If your application is good we may ask you to do a trial build on our server or if we know your work from the past we may, in some cases, fast track you into the team.


If we believe you would be an asset to the team, in very rare cases we may give invitations to join the team.

Returning Members

If you were previously a member of Kithex and were removed from the Team, you'll not have to undergo a Trial (though you still need to apply here on this thread), but you'll receive the Architect rank no matter what rank you held previously.

Kithex Sponsors

Running a build team is not cheap. There are several costs such as the build server with plenty of RAM for the best performance, a TeamSpeak to communicate on, a domain name for ease of use and professionalism. Here are the people who have helped sponsor Kithex and keep us on our feet:



In order to accommodate for the many costs of running a build team, Kithex is for hire to take on builds for monetary value. If you are interested in hiring our team to build something for you, you may contact us directly on our Skype (kithexbuildteam) and one of our staff members will get in touch with you.
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Jun 3, 2013
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New account and thread, I dig it
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Jun 27, 2012
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Welcome back! It's great to see Kithex has finally returned! :)


Community Engagement & Mapping Team Representative
May 31, 2013
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We've closed the old thread in order to make way for this thread :). All previous applications have been replied to.

So, you are all welcome to apply!

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