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Goodbye MCGamer


Apr 22, 2012
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I always said I'd stay here until the end but I did not wake up today thinking today was the day. I have such a heavy heart right now after nearly 4 years of being a staff member and I'm going to seriously miss this place. I have gained so many friends from this place and I will always cherish them. I always have and always will care for this network, its staff, and it's community.

ChadTheDJ I do not resent you. I hope for only the best for your life, your company, and your future. Thank you for all the wonderful times that I was able to experience. I am truly grateful.

Giggums Yannick _Pyrrhic Techaton Lunarist I love you guys and we better all keep in touch.

Always remember guys, don't focus on the bad and how things ended. Think about all the good things that have happened along the way.

Goodbye MCGamer, I have enjoyed being working here.
Love you all! It's been a fun and wild ride that I will not soon forget.

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