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Events Gamemode Spotlight: Battlegrounds - Week 3

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Jun 27, 2015
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Hello again everyone, and welcome to week 3 of Gamemode Spotlight, Battlegrounds edition! Last week's session went extremely well, and with the scores tallied, we can take a look at this month's leaderboard!

For those of you who are not familiar with the event, the Gamemode Spotlight is a monthly event used to showcase new and underplayed gamemodes. Throughout the duration of the event we will host weekly sessions that anyone can partake in. Come join our month-long tournament and show off your skills. There are even prizes for those who finish in the top three!

Not entirely sure what Battlegrounds is? Click here to read the game information and description.

Event Info
Throughout the month of March, we will be holding 4 sessions, each containing 5 rounds of Battlegrounds. We will have staff members refereeing the games and keeping track of points. You can earn points by finishing in the top three in each game, and for participating in the session.

After each session we will add up the points that everyone earned and add them to the leaderboard. We will continue to do this until all four sessions have been played, giving us a final leaderboard with all the points combined from all the sessions. The top three on the final leaderboard will earn prizes! Sound fun?

To join, simply poke any staff members in the Gamemode Spotlight channel under the Events header on our TeamSpeak (ts.mcgamer.net) during the event time stated below.

This even will be multiregional taking place in both US and EU. Weeks one and three will be on US, while weeks two and four will be on EU. So what ever region you are in should be fine!

Points can be earned in the following ways, and all points earned in each session will be added to the leaderboard. Check the events section of the forums after each week to see a thread with the updated leaderboard.
  • 40 points for finishing 1st in a round.
  • 30 points for finishing 2nd in a round.
  • 20 points for finishing 3rd in a round.
  • 10 points for participating in a session.
Session Times
The session information can be found below with time zone conversions. Simply click a session to view the time in your timezone.

Week 4

Place in the top 3 on the overall leaderboard at the end of the month and you will earn some fancy prizes!

1st Place: Golden forum medal

2nd Place: Silver forum medal

3rd Place: Bronze forum medal

Players who participate in all four sessions will also be given a participation medal. The medals will be the existing battlegrounds medals. The look of the participation medal has yet to be decided and will be added later.

By participating in this event, you must follow the following rules. Failure to do so may lead to removal from the event. These rules are subject to change, and the rules given before the start of each session on Teamspeak by the host will be taken as the official event rules that must be followed during that session.
  • All MCGamer Rules apply.
  • Use the same account at each session so we can combine your points.
  • No disguising.
  • Your Teamspeak name must be similar to your IGN.
  • You must have a forum account to claim prizes.
  • If your forum account name is not similar to your IGN you should alert a member of event staff if you are to score a lot of points. Prizes will be given out on the forums so we need to know who you are.
  • The event staff reserve the right to disqualify anyone from the event who breaks the rules if they feel necessary. Anyone who is disqualified from the event will have their points wiped out on the leaderboards, and will not be able to participate in future sessions.
Event Staff

Event Manager - Exzone
Sr. Overseer - Yannick
Hosts - Exzone, GoontherMC, Yannick, NagolGames, Mauro, Athenaa , DarkNiightz, Techaton, Lunarist
Other members of MCGamer staff will help referee the event as well.

Feel free to message Exzone or another member of event staff if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck!
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