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EU Clan Leaderboards

Dec 31, 2014
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Welcome to the EU Clan Leaderboards!
If you would like a shot at this ongoing event, fill out this application!

Clan Name:
Clan Thread (Link)
Clan Leader's Forum Name:
Clan Leader's Skype:
Clan TeamSpeak: (It's Okay If You Don't Have One Yet)
Our Forum Accounts Tagged: EUClanLeaderboards
Do You Understand And Agree To All Of The Rules?:
(We reserve the right to kick clans and ask them to reapply if they fail to understand basic rules)

Highlights from the battles here will be regularly uploaded on this channel: YouTube

- Battles will be carried out on MCSG servers, using the MCSG maker feature.

- These in game rules will be implemented:

- Each battle will play under these rules with the exception of rule 14. Also, these rules will be implemented:
- The battle will be a First To 5
- The minimum amount of people per battle is a 5v5 - however a 6v6+ is preferred. The maximum is an 8v8. If a team lacks the amount of people at the date of the battle, they must play with a disadvantage for it is their fault.
- At the start of each battle, a staff member will use https://www.random.org/lists/ with the default maps to provide a 9 map sequence upon which the clan battle will be played. Each round will be played following the order of the maps on the list.
- The following maps are 'default' and will be used for the random list: Valleyside, SG4, Chernobyl, Alaskan Village, Turbulence, TSG2, Par 72, Zone 85 and Green Grass.
- 2 minute grace period at the start of the Clan War. No damage can be dealt in grace, this will be taken care of when creating the game.
- The battle will commence with no additional spectators. However, once a player dies he/she will not be required to leave the server, he/she may spectate the rest of the battle.
- Once a lobby has entered into pre-game, the match will be officially in motion, EXCEPT in the case which a team is represented by a disadvantage in lobby and has taken this disadvantage into pre-game. In this case scenario, the disadvantaged team will be allowed to pull out of the server DURING pre-game to redo the round. If the disadvantaged team does not pull out during pre-game, the round must go on.
- Postponements may only occur at 22:30 when the day after that is a school/work day or at 0:00 with the day after that being a day off, however food breaks up to an hour are permitted.
- Once all the members of the opposing clan are dead, the round will officially be over.
- Ghost killing is allowed.

- The following are the general rules for the Leaderboards:
- Clans may challenge the clan one above them, if they win, they take their place. When a clan is in the first place on the leaderboards, they may challenge the clan below them, but if they lose, they lose this place as normal.
- Once a clan has been challenged, the battle MUST be accepted within 48 hours and played within the next 7 days or the clan being challenged will forfeit the match.
- Once a clan challenges or is challenged by another clan, they are locked in, and cannot be challenged by anyone else until the conclusion of their battle.
- If a clan declines a match, it will count as a loss.
- If a clan fails to accept multiple challenges in a row, they WILL be removed from the leaderboards.
- After battling a clan, you must battle at least one other clan before challenging them again.
- Any clan must be able to clan battle AT MOST twice on one day.
- Once two clans have battled, they will both post the result of the battle on the thread. These results will be shown on the news for EVERYONE to see, but will be taken down the following week.
- If there are no referees online and present for the battle, then the battle can either be postponed or, if both clans agree, the battle can continue without refs. If there is a ref online, this cannot be used as a reason to postpone a battle.
- Clans will not be accepted to the leaderboards with under 8 members.
- The decisions of the EU Clan Leaderboards Staff are final. If you have any issues with a battle or another clan on the leaderboards, bring it to them.
- A player may only represent ONE clan on the Leaderboards.

All rules are subject to change with the agreement from the majority of the Leaders and the majority of the Staff.

- Consequences for breaking the rules:

If any minor offences are made, then these consequences will occur.

First Offence: The round will not count and will be called off.
Second Offence: The round will be a disqualification.
Third Offence: The match will be a forfeit.

If any major offences are made (use of hacked clients, proven DDoS attacks,) then these consequences will occur:

The match will be a forfeit.

If a clan is found to be utilising a player in the blacklist, then these consequences will occur:

One month clan kick from the leaderboards.

This is what makes this fair and exciting. No clan will be able to hold a spot due to "inconveniences." I know that sometimes leaders can be missing or important assets to the clan may be in absence, but a clan shouldn't rely on a few people. A clan should be able to show their strength within every single member. This will help show current standings for the EU Clan Community and keep clans active.

Ascendancy are the champions of the EUCLB1 tournament.

Rasclarts are the champions of the EUCLB2 tournament.

Rasclarts are the champions of the EUCLB3 tournament.

Bobclarts are the champions of the EUCLBxMCG1 tournament.


Role - In Game Name - Skype - Current Clan

Owner - Austin - austin.h.g - Triton

Admin - jonnysurvives - jonny.darcey1 - Rasclarts

Staff - RONNIEBONDAGE - srgpeppers69 - Typhoon
Staff - Hungerz - hunger.skillzman - Triton
Staff - Peryglus - peryglus420 - Rasclarts

Head Referee - EgeJP - ege.jp - Alpha

Referee - MosigCow - william.mehmeti88 - Triton

Referee - NicoPr0 - nikipi2000 - Insurgent
Referee - Sorcrex - jaisterx - Clanless
Referee- Tiqre - pikzl.mcsg - Reverse
Referee - Casse - ur.moter - Triton

Staff Applications are open.
If you wish to become a referee for the EUCL, please take time and write out at least a paragraph long application explaining why you wish to be apart of the staff here and send it to us as a PM.


3. Arcanite
4. Triton
5. Alpha
6. Rasclarts
7. Conexus
8. Vision
9. Requine
10. Krypton
11. Offensive
12. Astrum
13. Candy
14. Aiton
15. Supreme
16. Radiant

✕ = On Break

1. Anubis_HG
Hacking, multiple counts [Admitted]

Azotic / Slv / InspireLove / unskilled / R3X / R3xonyte / Alright_ / Adolescence / Kreptonyte / NoHaxJustJdennis / Skizy / Lahyun / Legendminerx / 58s / Cr1ms0n / yow / Transformer / RainXtasy / varia
2. Jdennis
Hacking, multiple counts [Admitted]

Zyrexi / Zyrexi_v2 / Tootles1
3. Dante289
Hacking, multiple counts [Admitted]

Rigglez_Return / Narchotics / SmakkerV / Rig_ / Breathy / Alright_ / RigglewZ / SirDante
4. FFDielCastro
DDoS'ing [Admitted] Hacking [Undeniable Evidence]

NoSuchPopcorn / JWWW / Cifttaraflikopek / Cqstro / Scorlook / OboSkills
5. Kalexire
Hacking [Undeniable Evidence]

Batman_Return / BVTTEY / EmperorsReborn / Laical / MohammedAhmed
6. Bujubaba
Hacking [Undeniable Evidence]

7. Acrait
Hacking [Undeniable Evidence]

. Pheza
Hacking [Undeniable Evidence] Bad Sportsmanship

ivr / Zekiim / keule / sector90
9. TumbleDown
Hacking [Undeniable Evidence]

Whops / RektMachine / SPESIFIC
10. Macroser

11. Jeyns

12. Alumite

Eetu / 1 Month / 26/1/16 - 26/2/16
Galaxian / 3 Month / 1/1/16 - 1/4/16

Zethiz / 3 Month / 17/1/16 - 17/4/16
Lifeyz / 3 Month / 21/1/16 - 21/4/16
Blesss / 2 Month / 28/2/16 - 28/4/16
Vaxed / 3 Month / 13/2/16 - 13/5/16
Qryt / 3 Month / 9/6/16 - 9/9/16
DivineXevion / Permanent / ?/?/16 - 3/10/16
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Sep 28, 2013
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Hello PvPers, I have bad news. Unfortunately yesterday zotikus disbanded, and trivium have put up all their losses. Unfortunately this means that there is no clan thread for all of us to flame on. Does anyone have any good candidates?

I'm thinking phoenix (alts !) and octagon (pumps)


District 13
Feb 22, 2014
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Hello PvPers, I have bad news. Unfortunately yesterday zotikus disbanded, and trivium have put up all their losses. Unfortunately this means that there is no clan thread for all of us to flame on. Does anyone have any good candidates?

I'm thinking phoenix (alts !) and octagon (pumps)
id say we flame on rasclrts thread, ive heard rumors that they played with alts against ruffy's clan once !

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