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Domicile - US clan

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Jun 20, 2014
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Welcome to Domicile
“To get up when you are down, to fight more intensely when you are struggling; to put in the extra effort when you are in sheer pain, to comeback when nobody expects you to, and to stand tall when everyone is pulling you down are what make a champion”

- Apoorve Dubey
If you feel you want to get to know us better please feel free to join our teamspeak.

• About us •
TS: ts24.gameservers.com:9346

Clan created: July the 18th of 2014.
Clan Battles won: 31
Clan battles lost: 6
Founder: The Official Society of Everything Domicile.. jk
Application Status: Open - Get on ts and get to know the members


• Requirements •

• Over 600 wins
• A good quality microphone
• Access to Skype and Teamspeak3
• Accept higher-ups orders.


• Application •

Minecraft IGN:
Written Paragraph of why you would benefit Domicile:

(For the written application, detail is appreciated. It's your call on what you want to include in the application.)

• Domicile Staff Ranks •

Leader: The current owner of the clan.
Officers: Authority over members and scrim organizers.


• Domicile Members •


Name: ToeHair45
Rank: Officer

Name: Ezioblade64
Rank: Officer

Rank: Officer



• IClash_pvp/kauffman8028



On Break

• Clan War Application •
Clan Name:
What player preferences would you use (6v6, 8v8, etc):
Clan Thread:
Skype Name:
Additional Information:

• Clan War Results •
| Won: 31| Lost: 6 |

Domicile vs Eternity: Lost 4-5
Domicile vs Insidious: Won DQ
Domicile vs The Beginning: Won 5-2
Domicile vs Excel: Won 5-3
Domicile vs Forgotten: Lost 0-3
Domicile vs Derelicta: Lost 2-5
Domicile vs Elevate: Won 5-2
vs Valor: Won 5-1
Domicile vs Rebels: Won 5-4
Domicile vs ArtOfPvP: Won 5-2
Domicile vs Edge Won 5-0
Domicile vs United Won 5-0
Domicile vs Mooshroom Won 3-0
Domicile vs Resolution Won 5-4
Domicile vs Odyssey Won 5-0
Domicile vs TeamStrafe Won 5-0
Domicile vs The Vigilant Won 3-2
Domicile vs Disruption Won 5-1
Domicile vs Vividus Won 5-0
Domicile vs Cronos Won 3-1
Domicile vs Divination Won 5-0
Domicile vs Underestimated Won 3-1
Domicile vs Cynical Won 5-0
Domicile vs Vexa 2-0 PP
Domicile vs ArtOfPvp Won 5-2
Domicile vs Synergy Won 5-3
Domicile vs Valor Lost 3-5
Domicile vs Beware Won 5-0
Domicile vs Rivals Lost 2-5
Domicile vs The Tigers Won 5-0
Domicile vs CrystalK Won 5-0
Domicile vs Cursed Won 5-0
Domicile vs Valor Lost 4-5
Domicile vs TrespireUS Won 5-4
Domicile vs TeamClenchables Won 5-1
Domicile vs Elevate Lost 2-5
Domicile vs Divine Won 5-0
Domicile vs Valor Lost 3-5
Domicile vs ProgressiveSkills Won 5-1
Domicile vs Reflicted Won 5-0
Domicile vs Synergy Won 5-1
Domicile vs Synergy PP 2-1
Domicile vs Invinsible PP 4-3
Domicile vs Eternity Lost 1-3
Domicile vs Synergy Lost 3-5
Domicile vs Trespire
PP 2-2
Domicile vs Invincible Lost 5-4
Domicile vs Rivlas Lost 1-5

• US Clan Leaderboards •
Domicile vs Invinsible Won 3-0
• Top Clan S2 •
Domicile vs Serenity: Won 8-0
Domicile vs Precise: Won 7-0
Domicile vs Reflection: Won 7-0
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