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Count to 50 before a staff member posts!


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Jun 17, 2013
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Reviving an old favorite...
Count to 50 before a staff member interrupts with a post!
The rules are simple...

1. Your post should either be 1, the number from the last post +1, or a NOPE (if you're a staff member).
2. You cannot post twice in a row.
3. You can only add +1 per post.
4. If any current staff member posts, start the count over at 1.
5. If someone (not staff) disrupts the count/makes an error, continue at the correct number.
6. Pictures do count, but plain text is preferred.
7. The rules are subject to change at the discretion of MCGamer Staff*.

If it gets to 50 before a staff member posts, start over!

Gamemakers (aka Staff): 11
Tributes: 0

I'll start with... 1!

*MCGamer Staff are defined as any MCGamer Moderator, Team Representative, Team Lead, Discord Moderator, Discord Administrator, Community Manager, Developer, Owner, and/or any future staff ranks/roles offered by ChadtheDJ and/or Col. StaR. A forums rank is not required to count as an MCGamer Staff Member so long as your role is publicly known and active.
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