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Staff CoDsNo65 - Meet the Staff


Jul 18, 2013
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Since everyone is making a meet the community may as well.

First name: Cameron
IGN(s): snochet65 or therealslimshady
Nickname(s): snochet
Age: 17
Region: AU


One Cool Fact: I got into the top 50 once back on the legacy leaderboards
One Embarrassing Fact: I scream if anyone comes from behind in minecraft
One Fact that makes you proud: Was apart of the biggest clan war in AU (Phoenix vs Apex)
One Fact no one would ever guess about you: I have two pet turtles
Most Common question you get asked: "What alt is darkrai on" or "weren't you in Phoenix?"
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Color: Red or green
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Biggest Pet Peeve: everything that's disgusting
Heard about MCG by: Bneja canada ages ago
First friend in the community: freshfishgaming
MCG role-model: I never really had a role model I only believed in working hard
Do you team in game: Only with friends
Program I use to record: Bandicam or fraps
Favorite website (Other than these forums): Youtube
Favorite thing about the community: My friends (too many to list <3)


Previous moderating experience: Apart from this server not much
Been a member of staff since: August 14th 2015
Servers most active on (MCSG, Creative, Survival, etc): MCSG

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