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Call Of Duty World League


Feb 24, 2016
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So Idk how many Call of Duty Fans there are in this community. But as you might know the Call of Duty World League Playoffs are about to begin on March 8th. For anyone who does not know what this is, its basically when the best Clans on Call of Duty PS4 come together and play for a chance to win about $2 Million. For those of you who are interested Im starting a thread to keep people informed of Leader-board status and Schedules. Only the Top 8 Will play in the upcoming Playoffs starting March 8th.

Anyone Owning Black Ops 3 on PS4 only can view all games from in console when in multiplayer it should appear in the top right corner. Just press Square to view. Just follow the schedual at the bottom of this thread. Anyone else interested can view the streams live from the Call Of Duty World League Site.

Lastly I would like to just see how big of a COD community we have here? Please if you want post either your PSN or XBOX GT.

As of right now the Current Leader board are as follows by region: (As of 03/04/2016)

US Leader Board:

Rank Team Wins Loss
1 Optic Gaming 14 - 2
2 Team EnvUs 11 - 5
3 Rise Nation 11 - 5
4 FaZe Clan 10 - 6
5 Complexity 10 - 6
6 Elevate 9 - 7
7 H2K 7 -9
8 Solomid 6 - 10

EU Leader Board: (Only top 6 clans will play in playoffs)

Rank Team Wins Loss

1 Team Infused 13 - 3
2 Millenium 13 - 3
3 Epsilon 12 - 4
4 Splyce 10 - 6
5 Excel 9 - 7
6 Vitality 7 - 9

AU/NZ Leader Board: (Only top 4 clans will play in playoffs)

Rank Team Wins Loss

1 MindFreak 11 - 3
2 Tainted Minds 10 - 4
3 Immunity 9 - 5
4 OrbitGG 9 - 5

All Scheduals starting march 8th can be Found HERE

More World Leage Infor Can be found on their Official Site

Detailed Team Information Can be found HERE

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