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Anti-Cheat Updates


Jul 11, 2014
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Hello tributes,

Over the past month, we have been working on rather large improvements to our anti-cheat system, and over the past weekend we have been piloting these improvements live on the network.

Over last weekend, the system was not enforcing punishments as we were taking time to review the punishments it would have given to better tune how strict the system was. Before the coming weekend, the anti-cheat system will begin enforcing these punishments across the network. At the present time, the anti-cheat system will not issue permanent bans— over the following week, we will be monitoring and tuning these systems further, eventually reinstating more harsh punishments where appropriate when we are confident that no false positives are produced.

A notable change has been made to how punishments will be processed— a majority of punishments will be executed on a predefined interval. Currently, they will be executed weekly prior to the start of the weekend, with the intention of cleaning up the servers for each coming weekend. The anti-cheat system will use this time to compare evidence associated with these cheating offenses with each other, in order to strengthen the system as a whole. While this interval is currently one week, we may consider making it daily or otherwise multiple times per week if it would be beneficial.

In addition to that change, our anti-cheat systems have been updated in general to refine some detection methods and to aggregate violations into more accurate measures that we can use to identify cheaters. We cannot go into detail as to what these detection methods are, how they work, or how they are aggregated as it would weaken their effectiveness and aid the people actively trying to work around them. Any punishments resulting from a player attempting to deliberately trigger or test the anti-cheat's detection methods will be enforced, whether or not the player was using a cheating client, macro, or related.

It is our hope that over the short term there will be a noticeable improvement on the MCGamer Network where cheaters are concerned.


Nov 27, 2012
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let us see how well this works :). excited to see what they've been working on for the past month or so.

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