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Anti-cheat plugin made with Minecraft 1.8?


Sep 25, 2014
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For quite a while now, hackers have been a big problem on MCSG. Ever since the network has updated to 1.8, the number of hackers decreased. They came back, though, and because of the differences between 1.7 and 1.8 (in terms of PvP), they are now even harder to kill (ping doesn't influence PvP as much)

There is something added in Vanilla-Minecraft, though, that can help making a better anti-cheat plugin. You can now testfor player facing-direction (not N, W, E and S but actually angles). I know that Vanilla commands can lag the servers, but I belive that developers have enough code knowledge to make a plugin that uses the player-facing-direction feature without lagging the servers.

Basically, the anti-cheat tests the direction the player is looking at while batteling and if the heads orientation changes suddenly, without there being a constant movement of the head while changing "looking-direction" (which would suggest that the player moved the mouse to change the orientation), he gets banned (of course, the head looking-direction change should be big enough so you can tell if the head "snappes at the person" or constantly moved towards him). This should not affect the players with a high DPI, which can sometimes look like they hack because of the head moving speed.

I'd like to hear the developers' opinion about this, don't be affraid to tell me if I'm wrong (or if I misspelled any word).


Jun 27, 2012
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Sound interesting, but this would mean that the server has to spam the command constantly for every player currently in-game. I personally don't think it's possible to implent this, but I would love to hear a developers opinion on it :)


Aug 31, 2014
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Sadly, hacks tend to spin the head anyway, and even if this was an NCP feature, it would be incredibly easy to bypass.