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Staff All Ranks with Descriptions


Mar 16, 2015
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This thread was mainly made with the purpose of informing players about each rank and what it does. In this thread you will find each rank with a well detailed description about it.

  1. Member: This rank is achieved by joining the server. It has 1 vote and no join priority. Your name will be colored exactly like how it is written on this thread. Your forum rank will be colored the exact same way it is colored in-game. The Teamspeak icon for this rank looks like this:
    -=- Donator Ranks -=-
    All these ranks (except Quantum, for more information, read that section) can be bought from our shop, which you can access by clicking here.
    For all donor support click here.

  1. Gold: To get this rank you must donate either $10 monthly, or $40 for a lifetime, to MCGamer. You have 3 votes and your join priority lets you join full games by kicking regular members. You get access to /mask. Your name in-game (both in chat and in the tab list) and the forums are colored gold, like the color used on this thread. The Teamspeak icon looks like this:
  2. Diamond: To get this rank you must donate either $15 monthly, or $60 for a lifetime, to MCGamer. It lasts forever and your join priority allows you to join full games by kicking Gold donors as well as regular members. You get 4 votes. You receive access to the /mask and the /disguise commands. Your forum and ingame (on the tab list and as well as chat) appear to be the exact same color as that on this thread. The Teamspeak icon looks like this:
  3. Platinum: To get this rank you must donate either $20 monthly, or $80 for a lifetime, to MCGamer. It has join priority which allows to kick Diamond and Gold donors, as well as regular members. It has 4 votes, and access to the /mask, /scramble, /disguise, and the /fly commands (for use in the hubs and lobbies only). You can also change your chat color by /cc. You in-game and forum names appear exactly the same as how it appears on this thread. The Teamspeak icon for this rank looks like this:
  4. Quantum: This rank is very special, and only 64 people have it. It was limited time and is very exclusive. People who bought it received a signed shirt and a thank you card, as well as their name on a MCGamer server box. This rank can kick all donator ranks and has the same perks as Platinum. Your name in-game and on the forums look exactly the same as how it does on the thread. The Teamspeak icon for this rank looks like this:

    -=- Staff Ranks -=-
These ranks can only be achieved by applying here.

  1. Moderator: This rank is the first rank you possibly achieve by applying. Moderators are the backbone of the servers. Their responsibilities including making sure players follow the rules, and punishing those who don’t accordingly. They deal with spammers, trolls, hackers, etc… They can be contacted through Teamspeak, the forums, or you can speak to one in the hub. Their Teamspeak rank icon looks like this:
  2. Sr. Moderator: Senior mods are responsible for hiring staff for the community, as well as a variety of other tasks, including handling moderator applications, and ban disputes. They also deal with problems between a player and a moderator and inter-staff issues. They often work behind the scenes and are usually not credited for their work. Senior Mods also assist the admins with anything needed, and sometimes can act as dignitaries between Moderators and Admins. Senior mods are hired from within the current staff team. They are promoted for their hard work, dedication, and trustworthiness. They frequently act as the go-tos for various projects, and often take leadership roles within the staff team. Sr. Mods can be contacted by a forum message. Often, a Moderator can put you through to one. The Teamspeak icon looks like this:
  3. Admin: Administrators are the heads of the community. They control most everything. Admins are responsible for every major aspect of the community: the teamspeak, the forums, survival, creative, etc… Each admin has a specific job. They also all have the common-place job of maintaining servers, and doing anything necessary. Admins are ChadTheDJ's best people, and work tirelessly for this job, and they do their absolute best at it. They are generally not appreciated for their work, as they do a lot of the behind the scenes work that usually entails: edits to the hub, leading projects, keeping staff morale up, and countless other things. It is also required that at least one admin must be present when a moderator interview is taking place. Admins often commission staff to help them with various projects. Each admin is promoted from the current pool of Sr. mods. Admins don’t generally need to be contacted, but if it is important, you can DM one on the forums, or a Mod/Sr. Mod can put you through to one. The Teamspeak icon for these ranks look like this:
  4. Developer: If mods are the backbone of the staff , then the devs are the brains. They are responsible for everything you see here today. The developers are responsible for every single aspect of the server plugin, making all servers work properly, adding new features and addressing bugs that are reported. They created the Survival Games plugin from scratch, and they maintain it by working out any bugs that people find. They are responsible for keeping the servers playable. They also were the ones who created our IRC network, and they helped shape our forums. Likely the most critical members of staff, as without them, none of this would exist. You generally do not need to contact them. Their Teamspeak rank looks like this:
  5. Owner: Chad is the owner. His decisions are final. What he says, happens. Chad deals with issues with donations, including Chargebacks and all of the other legalities when it comes to running the servers. He also pays for the servers with the help of your donations. He as well acts as manager for the staff, helping us aspire to be the best that we can. He also, as previously stated, has the final word when it comes to decisions. He created this server and runs it. He is also in charge of deciding what players will get VIP from YouTube, and other such things. Chad is as well head of all of the staff, and guides the community in its direction, doing everything he does for the good of the community.
    His Teamspeak icon is a crown.​

-=-Special Ranks-=-

These are achieved only by meeting certain criterias.

  1. Map Maker: The map maker rank is given to people who built a map which has been accepted for our servers as a thank you for their commitment. Although its rank is colored pink like the Friend rank, this one is given to map makers only. They are treated the same as VIPs. Their Teamspeak icon looks like this:
  2. VIP: VIP is given to users who have helped the network in certain ways. It is given to YouTubers with a fairly high subscriber count, and it is as well given to streamers who have a high follower/viewer count. Occasionally, people are commissioned to do artwork for the network. These people are then given VIP. Their Teamspeak icon looks like this:
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Dec 27, 2013
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Isnt there more then 64 quantums now? CAmadeusA
Edit: OMG this thread is so outdated. What in the world is that map maker rank. And vip is purple now!
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