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Pending 0___x - Mapping Team Application


Jan 20, 2015
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What is your full name? Owen Edwards

What is your Minecraft IGN? (Include any alt accounts) Main: 0___x
Kendria, Rya, Perriez, Jaselle

What is your Date of Birth? 12/08/1999

What is your email? [email protected]

What is your Discord name? (Please include the whole name EG: Username#1234)


What timezone are you located in? (EU, NA, OCE, AS) EU

What position(s) are you applying for? (Builder, Terraformer, Redstoner) Builder

Have you worked as part of a build team before? If yes, please list them and describe your role in those teams. Yes and InfinityWorks as a builder & one of the owners

Please provide examples of your past work in your area of expertise (in an imgur album)
Why do you want to be a part of our team? I want to get back into building and i feel like this is the team to join!

Do you have experience using World Edit and/or Voxel Sniper? Yes

Are you currently a part of any other build teams? No

If you answered yes above, please list it.

Do you understand that everything you build when on the build team server is property of MCGamer, and may not be taken/used anywhere else? Yes

Do you understand that all of MCGamers rules apply on the build team server/discord, and a breach of of those may result in removal from the team and consequences on the network? Yes

Have you ever been banned or muted on the MCGamer network for any reason? No

Do you like cats?
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Oct 20, 2019
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Hello and thank you for you interest in the build team! I would just like to let you know that the management of the team takes every application serious and thoroughly reviews each, it may take a little added time due to the holidays. I will notify the team of your application, once again thanks for applying!


Mapping Team Lead
Staff member
Oct 6, 2012
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Hi there, Sorry for the delay in responding.
Thank you for your application to the MCGamer build team. At this stage we would like to extend an invitation for you to get onto our build server (mapdev.mcgamer.net) for the next stage of your application which will involve completing a trial build under the theme "Desert city". This will give you the opportunity to show us you can build under a set of guidelines and also up to a high standard. Thanks again for your application, we look forward to seeing what you can do!
You have been whitelisted on the server, and can do /mvtp trials to get to the trial builds world. Claim a plot and start building!
~Kraken - Mapping team lead

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